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TheSqueakyWheel.Com wants Money to Remove Complaints

Just who is SqueakyWheel.com? Well, they are Canadian based, they squeak without a sense of professionalism, and they want monies to remove a complaint. I smell something fishy here when someone talks money. Nope, we do not trust them. Not one bit and their business of doing complaints without justification isn’t nice either. When our customers checked them out and found out about the monies SqueakyWheel.com needed to remove a complaint, they didn’t like it one bit either.

The customer is king. It has been for us but how many times has a retailer had to make amends with the ones most militant about their demands? The ones who seem to have trouble realizing what lead times constitute and how delays could happen with the troubled economy? The ones who are rude about getting an order ahead of others who are waiting patiently and who do not follow rules? These are the ones who are always prone to complain.

It is not our plan to delay an order. It makes no sense at all but we have even seen manufacturers who have been working hard to make inventory available, finally succumb to longer shipping delays and longer production schedules. With the times sounding off really bad round the corner for many of our manufacturers here in the USA, we are doing all our best to support customers and also to support American manufacturing. So please understand that it is not our intention to delay an order but rather if the manufacturer takes their time shipping the order out due to staff cutbacks and longer production schedules, please be a little understanding and find out what the delay is about.

Our mission is to support the American business and we push all things American as best as possible but when you buy products made here, bear in mind lead times do persist because the items are made on order. At least, you are getting good American workmanship into your products. Even companies which import Chinese products are collating their orders and filing the orders with China at which time it takes another 6 weeks to get here via sea freight. So, delays do happen…

Just ask us and we will you the problem but please do not accuse us of not taking care of your orders.

About SqueakyWheel.com – well, they sure know how to “squeak” their mission through with unsavory deals best done in the backrooms. We have no time for them and we will keep posting our answers to their complaints as best as we can. Squeak yourself away – we are not subscribing to any monetary demands from you!


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