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There is always something extraordinary at Kaviik’s Accents. Here, we scout the world for some of the most breathtaking sculptures and ornaments for your home and garden decorating pursuits from large to life size statuary and sculptures like our bronze children statues which simply ebb with innocence bringing back childhood memories to many, to planters which have been used by many hotel chains and homes. And then of course we have timeless ornaments which add interest to the desk and home accents like our wall decor suggestions which have wound their way into the homes of many.

Our primary purpose here at hubpages.com is:

  1. to inform and share some of our experiences and ideas with the product lines we represent so you as a customer know what to expect from these lines.
  2. to offer you the choice of choosing what you want. For instance, we could have several types of frog bookends which come in brass, resin or aluminum. You pick your own choice what works for you.
  3. to offer you choices to decide the sort of accessories that fall under the varying decorative themes like rooster home décor where the primary interest is in finding rooster themed accessories or the pineapple home décor where the colonial hospitality is evoked with lovely selections of pineapple home and garden decorations.
  4. to offer decorating tips and ideas.

Please email us at csr@kaccents.com if you need help with our product choices. Also visit our new website Kaviik’s Accents for more new products.

We have also set up a new twitter for those wanting to follow Kaviik’s Accents:



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