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About the Better Business Bureau

Posted by kaviiks on May 31, 2011

For many years, we have suffered mistreatment from the Better Business Bureau, so it came to us as a pleasant surprise when Brian Ross of ABC 7 reported the Better Business Bureau for failing to adhere to business practices and for allowing companies that do not pay nor subscribe to their services to suffer bad publicity from the following:


1. Levying unfair number of complaints against a company even knowing that a business is NOT at fault. A paid company enjoys the privilege in that complaints are “hidden” from public view. A paid company also enjoys an “A” rating. If you refer to Mr Brian Ross’ report, even a company that set itself up as “Hamas” (a terror group) got an “A-” rating!

If the BBB is a legitimate company looking towards the interest of the American public, it should be fair on all counts.

2. For not properly investigating the facts of a case before making a judgment against a company. We have found at most times their representatives are just not knowledgeable.

3. For not properly educating themselves on market practices eg. understanding market conditions and practices, availing themselves of the problems inherent with the manufacturing industry in the United States and fully understanding the transactional processes before making a judgment call.

Because there are always two sides to a story, we will be providing information on all complaints so the public is fully aware of what that complaint was. We have nothing to hide – we are just tired of the BBB being unfair and classifying wrongful cases against us.

For more information, you can check one blog we came across; there are tons if you do the searches:


And if you have heard of Mr Wolfgang Puck and his wonderful shows and restaurants, you might probably wonder why he suffers an “F” – Mr Puck has never paid nor subscribed to the services of the BBB and does not ever believe in doing so (based on what he had to say on an interview with Mr. Brian Ross). While Mr. Puck is a celebrity chef in his own right, he can afford to take that stand. We can’t but we will not pay. We would rather donate the money to the needy.

For more information, email us at csr@kaccents.com.

Best Regards,

Kaviik’s Accents


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