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Why an Angel? What are they?

Posted by kaviiks on March 14, 2011

Angels are pure spirits that originate from the Kingdom of God who are thought to protect and guide humans. Others record angels as celestial beings endowed with the task of being God’s messengers on earth and possessing power and spiritual enlightenment; who act as God’s intermediary and as our guardians on Earth. They serve us well by protecting and reminding us of God’s teachings, inspiring us and constantly rewarding us.  Somehow, we all believe in these celestial beings regardless of our faith and they are mentioned in all the major scriptures – the power they are bequeathed with and their importance to God, make them very special to us. I like to think of angels as guardians and I like to think that they are deigned to protect and guide us. So, yes I do believe in them and I do believe angels watch over us.

Padre Pio whom I follow closely is known to have always been in constant contact with his guardian angel. There is documentation that indicates Padre Pio knew the actual contents of a letter even before it arrived to him. When he was asked as to how he came to acquire the information, he would always quote his guardian angel as the source. Sometimes, he had indicated that his angel would be his interpreter of foreign languages. As a result, he was always able to understand a foreign letter only because his angel translated the language for him!

There have also been many situations where people have indicated a contact done with an angel or where they strongly believe that an angel was sent to guide them through hard times. The feeling is possibly one that is hard to describe because of the intensity of meeting such a form.

Our angel statues and sculptures add an inspiring addition reminding us of the importance they make to our lives and we have so many to share from the angel cat and dog figurines to mark the loss of your loved pet to angel baby statues and even guardian angel statues for the garden. Choose from small to large and life size angel statues and sculptures.


Written by R. D. for Kaviik’s Accents

© 2011 Kaviik’s Accents Inc. All Rights Reserved


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