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Match up with Fun Drinking Coasters!

Posted by kaviiks on February 23, 2011

The pelican accent that shows up on this coaster tile welcomes an appeal of the coastal realm, adding to a casual and easy living theme.

These days, beverage coasters come in all shapes and sizes from round ones that offer the look of the conventional to square and octagon types which somehow come with a stylized appeal that is quite contemporary. Coasters are fun and creative solutions for adding color to the table and they make nice gift ideas for a housewarming party or for simply handing to a friend who seems fetish about a specific style or theme. While the obvious case is to satisfy the functional purpose of holding up your cup without scratching the table surface, drinking coasters do add a mood to match the purpose of the visit or the theme of the place.

I like coasters that tell a story, maybe the kind that adds a natural mood like sea shell themed coasters or even religious coasters where the look of an angel seems so protective! Yet sometimes when the mood affords it, I think I could do with coasters that are quite botanical. I like flowers you see and of course it reminds me of how pretty our country looks with flowers and greenery to keep it company. Coasters are also nice ideas for a garden party. There are just so many to match the mood of the occasion, so when you are looking for coasters, find something you like. If you are patriotic, the mood of the red, white and blue speaks aplenty for a July 4th party or if you love roosters and the country, try searching for coasters that come with the farm country or rooster theme. Here are some to spruce up the occasion or offer as gift ideas:

The rooster is perhaps one of the most popular themes inspiring the country decor styles

Chef themed items continue to inspire many a kitchen accent...

For Sprucing some whimsical fright to the table!












Written by Tracy P. for Kaviik’s Accents

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