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Ceiling Medallions: Decorative Ornamentation for Your Ceilings

Posted by kaviiks on February 17, 2011

An empty room is far from being cozy. In fact, a room that serves mere functionality for the sake of living and rooming is not really a home and unfortunately defines a dweller not inclined perhaps to the general pursuits of a happy life. A room needs expression; it needs life and the only way one would make the home special is to dress it. The basic point is when you make your room a comfortable refuge replete with the accessories to complete its scenic appeal, you are also inviting your guests with the right vibes and placing them on a comfortable/trusting level with you.

So, what are the pertinent factors that create that character for your room? Yes, you got it right. Architectural elements! And they come in all forms from moldings and trims, corbels and brackets to friezes, grilles and medallions.
This article looks at medallions as a means of adding character to your ceilings. Just what are they and how do you use them?

Generally, medallions or rosettes are circular objects made of plastic, resin, wood, marble or lightweight polyurethane. They can be small or large enough to make a definite impression to a room especially in a large foyer or hallway or they can be even used on the walls to create a varying impact. However, these days, we do find medallions in other shapes moving away from the conventional circular designs. Medallions have a long history and are thought to originate from the Middle East but the growing interest in ceiling medallions really began with its use on the ceilings of the ancient churches of Europe like the Sistine Chapel of Vatican City where great artisans like Michelangelo carved iconic representations from the Old Testament. Since then, medallions have also wound their way in the most promising forms in courthouses, government offices not forgetting the inspiring Presidential Seal found in the Oval Office.

Ceiling medallions bear designs of all kinds most times capturing the designs of the period starting with the Renaissance. Traditionally, they employ the characteristic acanthus leaf motifs, religious motifs that borrow the inspiration from leading Renaissance artisans like Botticelli and Perugino, the Greek Anthemion which is an artistic representation of the palm tree or the typical egg-and-dart designs which has become popular in classical architecture since the Renaissance. Other more traditional designs also include the popular dentil, the guilloche and the paterae, a neoclassical raised form of design which is generally oval or round in design. These days, medallions have also been done creatively to include modern art like animals, faces and even stylized floral designs to fit the demands for unique and artistic ceiling ornamentation.

Medallions offer exciting opportunities for adding an architectural impression to the ceilings. You could have highly ornamented medallions which offer intricate details and finishing that borrow from the acanthus and guilloche designs to blend in with period style homes that thrive on the Colonial, Victorian or even the Renaissance impressions. They also need not be limited to only homes which capitalize on rich ornamentation. There are many simple medallions that do not highlight too much of the architectural details which could serve well in blending with modern settings. The issue is to find what works with the general design scheme of your room.

These days, manufacturers have gotten creative adding glasses to ceiling medallions. The effect as a result has been to offer a reflective view that glorifies the inner charm of the room sometimes magnifying its use when appropriately used with lighting fixtures on the walls. There has also been a growing use of ceiling medallions which allow one to hang lighting fixtures with the medallion offering a more formal addition that simply elevates the beauty of the room.

But one thing is for sure. Medallions are a nice ornamentation to consider for the ceilings and will be possibly a wonderful architectural element to consider for any home.

Written by Romilla D. for Kaviik’s Accents
© 2011 Kaviik’s Accents Inc. All Rights Reserved


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