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Make Your Foyers Speak for You

Posted by kaviiks on November 14, 2008

Large tapestries create an opulence and add a focal point to a space that can afford its presence.

Large tapestries create an opulence and add a focal point to a space that can afford its presence.

It is normal for first time guests to size the manner in which the foyer reaches out to them when they make their entry through the front door since the foyer “creates” and “awakens” the first time impressions. This is after all the entry into someone’s home and sets the limelight for what lies ahead in the house.

A large foyer would demand a certain ambience since the audience may expect the large space available filled with a myriad of accessories that add a pleasant and enchanting reach. A guest stepping into a home with a large foyer liberally sizes up the elements that make up that space which is contained by the look of the floor, the wall spaces, and the lighting details and molding that decorate the ceiling. For those looking at southwestern or even Gaelic décor, the use of tiles could effectively add to a decorative presence. Tiles can be used in varying patterns to create effects and the resulting color and form can do wonders in making your guests feel welcome and comfortable. Floor tiles can take a checkered form in a modern or classic context or be created in a delightful fluid manner that plays the use of the accessories and furniture placements for a classy and seamless appeal.  For those homes that do not contain a foyer but a hallway from the entrance, try using tasteful accessories and furniture to brighten the look of the place. Avoid dull and dark colors that constrain the look of a narrow hallway. Choose colorful tiling and decorative accents and even plants complemented with inviting candle wall sconces to usher in your guests with a welcome. 

Here are some ideas on making the foyers work for you:
1. Store away the Unsightly Personal Belongings
Do not use the foyer as a holding area for you to display unsightly belongings like your umbrellas, shoes and even coats. Most of us tend to treat the foyers as the area where you “clean up” before you proceed to the interior of the home. The foyer is truly the room that creates the welcome statement for the home and should be a treated as the room that heralds your guests officially to the rest of your home. Hence, try to change the use of the foyer as a utilitarian room and use it to make a glowing statement of your personality and charm as a host or hostess. This is the area of the house where you would not like to be caught with unsightly personal effects when a guest suddenly comes by unannounced.

2. Project Home Accessories That Create Interest and Magnifies Impact
Depending on your style, you can present your foyers with classic formality or make it cozy with warm furnishings that are personal such as large pictures of your family and children or unique paintings that add color and pleasantry. Use large sculptures and rugs to capture interest with large foyer spaces while marble and tiled floors can be used to add continuous flow to your adjoining rooms. Add creative tiles that emphasize character and color; some home owners may use wall tiles to simulate the grand aura of the majestic palaces and churches which adds drama and heightens the expectations of the guests. Even simple checkered tiling floors can be finely tuned to usher in the switch to neighboring hardwood floored or carpeted rooms.

3. Use Architectural Details That Spark Interest
Architectural details like fragments, molds, trimmings and embellishments make a statement for the foyers and hallways. Use roman styled columns which add elegance and culture to a space and brackets that complement towards a striking style of your own. If you have an eye for shopping and scouting for the best pieces, try creating unique forms of detailing using architectural salvage. Abandoned wood highlighting the effects of time and metal grilles or frames can sometimes set the creative flow as you discover means in enhancing its look for placement in a section of your foyer. These are abandoned pieces which lived through the test of time and will surely evoke a creative spirit of some kind. You can use them as table centerpieces or even create them for use as a wall decor pieces. The idea behind the use of such architectural pieces is to create a distinct visual impact that goes far in leaving your guests with compliments and a warm stay, cherished and remembered for the original pieces they see.

4. Choose Colors that Set the Theme and Mood
Every room needs color to lift its spirit and create harmony with its surroundings. Color becomes a very determinant factor in tying in the look of your accessories and furnishings throughout the living space. Use color to match the theme you set for the room and you use it with imagination and passion. Decide on a color palette when choosing your color codes for the room and use the colors to enhance the mood, texture and ambience for your room. Color choices are very personal; some of us prefer earthy hues for the foyer while others may choose contrasting colors that achieve visual comparison against the surrounding accessories. For instance, you could display a selection of home accessories which are subtly finished against a darker and warmer colored wall to allow for visual intensity and impact. This then ensures that lightly colored home accessories are appreciated better against the deeper colors that it blends against.

5. The Essentials of Lighting for your Foyer
The impact of lighting for your foyers cannot be stressed enough; the element of light sets a passage for a mood and is one of the essential factors for interior design decorating and planning for the foyers. Imagine the flicker of a candle light sconce or that emitted by a large chandelier which results in a response that is emotional and justifying to the soul. Whether you use table lamps, sconces, or natural forms of lighting, the impact of lighting adds and enhances the appeal of the senses coordinating with the rest of the furnishings to produce a tasteful and gratifying response towards a greater appreciation of the focal points of the room. Focus your lighting to add soft warmth, to highlight a beautiful painting or artwork or use lighting to create an impact. For instance, a chandelier will most surely add a statement of opulence for a large foyer with large spaces to share. 

The art of entertaining certainly involves more than just making your friends comfortable with a good meal and a delightful conversation with hugs and expensive wine to complement the palate. It also involves making their stay at your home even in the few hours made available, a memorable one. While fostering a good relationship and engaging in social skills might be a great way of boosting human ties, your friends may rate you based on the manner in which they are received and the surroundings they are immersed in. The foyer is the setting that beckons the depth of your home to your guests and should be treated as the harbinger of what lies ahead for your eager visitors since good reception begins with a good visual and emotional display that evokes the senses leaving a timeless memory of time well spent in your home.


Written by Romilla D. for Kaviik’s Accents
© 2008 Kaviik’s Accents Inc. All Rights Reserved


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  1. I love your post on Making Your Foyers Speak for You

    What I truly like is your tips on the impact of lighting for your foyers where the element of light sets a passage for a mood and is one of the essential factors for interior design decorating and planning for the foyers

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of your great postings.

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