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Inviting the Coastal Theme to the Gardens

Posted by kaviiks on October 14, 2008

Add fountains that have a coastal or nautical theme.

Add fountains that have a coastal or nautical theme.

The coastal appeal is becoming a favorite among many home dwellers perhaps because it lends towards a more naturalistic and soothing appeal to the human eye. For those looking to imbibe the look of the coastal flair to the home, you can be sure that the appeal engages a haven and retreat welcomed after a hard day’s work with a generous amount of sunlight and an airy relaxed setting. If you are looking to accent the garden with a coastal décor, water features are central to this theme. Water adds that magical element to the garden bringing life to the garden as well as soothing sounds created by the inclusion of water features like fountains and ponds. Here are some ideas for creating and ushering the coastal look to your gardens:

1. Choose Coastal Bird Statues
Coastal birds are vital towards promoting the coastal look and they do nicely both indoors and

Introduce coastal themed birds to complement your garden decor.

Introduce coastal themed birds to complement your garden decor.

outdoors. Ideally, the coastal birds will help speed that coastal theme and you can consider the addition of shorebirds, herons, cranes and pelicans as beautiful considerations for the coastal garden. Some of these statues are available in resin but they can also be created in expensive brass or bronze.

2. Add a Water Feature to the Garden
Consider water features like a pond or fountain for the garden that enhances stillness or movement for the garden. Some home owners may also go as far as adding waterfalls to enhance this theme. Many home owners can also consider using fountain statuary that add a theme of the coastal atmosphere such as crane fountain spitters, dolphin spitters or even children fountain statues like that of a little girl using her watering can by the pond will add to a soothing child like appeal for the garden. Crane fountain spitters are by far popular additions since they not only symbolize loyalty and love but also demonstrate grace and an aesthetic addition to the garden that many relate homeowners to. Other considerations include the use of fish and mermaid pond spitters that add some mystical appeal.

3. Include a Bird Feeder
Bird feeders stimulate the interest of birds and add a welcoming feel to the garden. Because they are highly sighted near ponds and coastal regions, the inclusion of a bird feeder adds an interest for the coastal theme. There are many bird feeders that include unique designs that add the look of the fish or a lighthouse appeal.

Add mood lighting to enhance areas within the garden which can be appreciated.

Add mood lighting to enhance areas within the garden which can be appreciated.

4. Add Garden Statuary that Enhance the Coastal Theme
Many garden statues are available that contribute to the look of the coastal theme and they could include adorable children statues that come with pails and spades to add to the look of the beach theme to cherubs that engage in water play such as cupid statues or even a set of cherub statues that celebrate the seasons will subtly add to a natural and soothing theme for the garden. For the gardens that can accommodate the look of the life size statuary, choose unique Greek or Roman statues that celebrate the natural elements like King Neptune with his trident for a stately and graceful appeal to feminine forms such as Venus the Bather and Rebecca at the Well statues.
The look of the coastal is limitless and lends to much imagination and creativity. And while you spend a lot of time decorating your garden with these beautiful statues and water features, use appropriate lighting methods to enhance and extend the beauty and time you can spend in your coastal garden. Add lighting for practical and safety reasons to guide and protect you as you make your way towards relaxing in your lawn or patios, and enhance the beauty of your projected areas with mood lighting that pleasures the look of the inviting accents while keeping down the less inviting areas. 
Written by Romilla D. for Kaviik’s Accents
© 2008 Kaviik’s Accents Inc. All Rights Reserved


2 Responses to “Inviting the Coastal Theme to the Gardens”

  1. Candace said

    I agree that the coastal appearance for many is comforting and this allow others to relax and bring peace.

  2. ukwaterfeatures said

    If you are chosing a water feature for the garden (for birds) make sure there is a good pool of water that is available within it (something like a sphere won’t do!). You also need to make sure it’s kept clean and under no circumstances use harsh chemicals or cleaning products on it that may harm wildlife. Instead use organic treatments that are available.

    UK Water Features

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