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The Beauty of Bronze Cat Statues

Posted by kaviiks on October 10, 2008

Cats were highly revered in Ancient Egypt.

Cats were highly revered in Ancient Egypt.

For those who love the look of beautiful sculptures and who love cats, you might not want to miss the elegance of this metal used in the creation of bronze cat sculptures. Cats are feline creatures which inspire many a home and were deeply worshipped by many ancient civilizations. These beautiful creatures are also one of the oldest domesticated animals known to mankind next to dogs. Their place in the ancient Egyptian civilization as recorded about 4,000 years ago is legendary and history even dictates that laws were passed on by the Egyptian court that banned the killing of cats because of the religious symbolism they carried. Cats were also preserved and mummified and excavations have revealed these forms in the tombs of pharaohs. Egyptian civilization also recorded paintings in tombs which highlighted that cats were used to ward off evil and served as guardians and protectors for the home dweller. Due to the belief and reverence for the cat, ancient Egyptian

Bronze renders fluidity in the creation of lovely bronze sculptures like cats.

Bronze renders fluidity in the creation of lovely bronze sculptures like cats.

celebrated the cat as having a Godly status and the first known Egyptian Goddesses Bastet and Sekhmet were highly represented in this ancient society. Today, the Egyptian cat continues to inspire the artworks and sculptures of today and many statues of cats inspire the look of a home and garden. In our range of bronze sculptures, we feature lovely selections of bronze cat statues that capture the lithe and grace of one of the favorite domesticated animals known to us. Always ensure that your bronze sculptures are produced through the lost wax process to ensure the casting of quality bronze statues and sculptures.
Written by Elaine T. for Kaviik’s Accents
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