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Infusing your Decorative Style with Architectural Elements

Posted by kaviiks on October 8, 2008

Greek and Roman plaques highlight a historical appeal with sometimes intense imagery.

Greek and Roman plaques highlight a historical appeal with sometimes intense imagery.

Architectural elements add a compelling story and a tale of fancy to the home, setting an appeal for the home dwellers who value character and comfort in their own personal sanctuary. Architectural elements also tend to give you a chance to express yourself, to create your own story in your rooms using the tools and designs of the past to add flavor with style drummed up with your thirst for passion. These decorative accents can simply be introduced by adding a bracket or two, using wall friezes or wall fragments or juxtaposing a myriad of objects around the room to create distinctive style. And the marketplace is simply replete with outstanding selections of architectural elements from resin and stone moldings, trims and fixtures to beautifully styled embellishments that capture a little of the historical past. Notably, these architectural elements are not expensive or time consuming additions and they are easily installed.

Architectural elements tend to formalize the room by creating a refreshing addition to the room and adding an attractive makeover. Fragments for instance, can add depth and personality to a space, heralding the significant theme or objects of a historical era or past and thereby sustaining a timeless appeal. Columns are another form of architectural elements that can create a passageway to another room setting a demarcation as you make your entry into another room created with a décor style that might differ from the previous. Columns can be used in many ways. They can add a glorious statement to a specific area in your room drawing attention to a niche that holds a beautiful fragment such as a pottery or sculpture or be used to hold a bust or accessory. Large Greek columns can of course be used to create distinction in a room by setting a classical statement – the presence of the geometric designs of Greek and Roman columns which continue to inspire the foundation of many beautiful homes in the United States as they do overseas, will continue to set a dramatic and beautiful impression wherever they reside.

Architectural elements include wall fragments that tell of the influence of a past.

Architectural elements include wall fragments that tell of the influence of a past.

As you surround yourself with architectural elements and familiarize with the look, texture and workmanship of such objects, you should gradually develop a knack for choosing the appropriate element for your home. You will suddenly know where the bracket looks more appealing or if a large vase would better amplify the look of your niche rather than a fragment or if a wall mural might make a better fit in the place designated. One eventually develops a visual eye that skillfully ties in the various elements into a cohesive and balanced form, enriching and beautifying your space with a glow and harnessing your pride in your accomplishments. Decorating and experimenting with architectural elements can be fun and certainly, rewarding as you sit back and admire your accomplishments in creating the makeover to your rooms. However, I’d like to suggest some caution. Refrain from over indulging in your architectural elements and know your space intimately so that you do not clutter nor leave a place too bare and lacking in imagination. Too much architectural elements can also undoubtedly formalize your room and make it too serious and impersonal. Shop for what works for your home and also consider these applications for outdoor use. Some of these architectural elements like finials and fragments can do dramatic effects to your garden walls and conservatories adding a comfortable and sometimes, story-like appeal which will leave your guests in complete admiration.

Written by Romilla D. for Kaviik’s Accents
© 2008 Kaviik’s Accents Inc. All Rights Reserved


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