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When the Old Stuff Adds Character and Looks: Using Architectural Salvage

Posted by kaviiks on October 5, 2008

Introduces an architectural element to the living space with a mythical charm.

Introduces an architectural element to the living space with a mythical charm.

There is a saying that supposes that “What is one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. I would not consider this an awry statement – we are after all made up of different personalities and character. While one of us may relish the look of the French country decorating, another might revel in a totally contemporary style leaning on metallic furnishings and sleek stylish accessories to complete the picture. Sometimes, we might view an item peculiarly sometimes with disdain. For instance, a rusty and chipped wall frieze may be unappealing – the shabby look and obvious years which are telling on the frieze may be a rejected piece that you’d rather store away or perhaps, dump into the trash! However, that same item may be construed to look charming to another and with some creative design, the iron frieze could very well wind its way on a wall that thrives on the look of unique architectural elements which in totality acts as a marvelous backdrop for someone’s passageway to the foyer or study.

Life is but an adventure and as we venture towards a creative process with decorating, we also develop a finer means of using color, form and imagination into our decorating pursuits. There are many decorating accessories in the marketplace today, correctively labeled as “architectural salvage” that feature artificially aged items from garden statues to friezes and grilles, as well as architectural fragments that tell a story. No one generally likes the look of broken items or items that have faded its appeal through use and time. However, you can make that change by inviting a creative flair and innovation on the use of such objects. Clawed feet bath tubs which were a sign of the past have now woven its way into many homes who add a whimsical and imaginative decorative twist to mask its sometimes unmatched feet. A home is your haven – your refuge and your personal space. No one can tell you how you should use this space so use it with imagination and get tacky and unusual if you can – it can sometimes make the room more interesting and lively, boosting up your spirits and your pride.

Sometimes, there are well worn family heirlooms such as the look of a lovely picture that Grandma presented which has a bit of a chipped off frame or the old cupboard that got passed on by an aunt who loves antiques which we might want to set aside for viewing due to its value. Use these old treasures with passion. Amidst all the juxtaposition you might take, you will be able to sneak in a piece or two without it falling out of place. An old parasol from the east for instance could set a colorful setting for your white washed walls while the panels of your old door could be used to hide the exposed stairways from inquisitive eyes, Or you could suddenly decide that the old colonial styled shutters Uncle David was looking to throw out, could do nicely and add some outdoor look in your hallway or conservatory.

You’d be surprised how certain old pieces can evoke your artistic inclinations. As you explore, you build up your imaginative flow and experiment its use. Use your object in any area which allows it to mold with the rest of the architectural elements around the room. Small pieces can add a mystical charm but larger ones can impact a desired effect strongly and persuasively. Decorating is a style and an art that leads to revolutionizing the way we think and feel about the place around you. So, let’s experiment and let free the creative desire to seek new forms and new beginnings. Perhaps, a new idea governing the use of old items would lead to a path of something new and revolutionary.  
Written by Romilla D. for Kaviik’s Accents
© 2008 Kaviik’s Accents Inc. All Rights Reserved


One Response to “When the Old Stuff Adds Character and Looks: Using Architectural Salvage”

  1. Candace said

    That is the wonderful thing about decorating and creating the perfect energy in your home. Everyone has there own likes/dislikes and that sets us apart from others. Through decorating we tap into our creativity and that can bring beautiful things into our lives

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