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The Art of Pineapple Decorating

Posted by kaviiks on October 2, 2008

Pineapple plaques are popularly used to convey the statement of hospitality and welcome.

Pineapple plaques are popularly used to convey the statement of hospitality and welcome.

The pineapple fruit connotes hospitality and welcome in colonial America often associated with social gatherings of the wealthy and set as a centerpiece to illustrate the hostess’ graciousness in making such an expensive fruit available for her guests. Then considered a rare fruit, the pineapple evoked much gratifying appreciation when the colonial American hostess would trigger the awe and happy expectations of her guests by placing the much sought after fruit as a crowning piece for her guests to admire. Sometimes, the fruit was generously offered as a dessert to the guests and this heightened the expectations and social standing of the hostess immensely. Since the fruit grew to represent the social symbol of such gatherings, it isn’t little wonder why it eventually set an inspiration for use as a unique decorative theme for colonial decorating. The American colonies were after all comprised of small towns and settlements where social gatherings were the means of enhancing communication and entertainment. The concept of hospitality and warmth was a central element of that social life which eventually grew to be represented by the pineapple.
The Essence of Colonial Decorating

Colonial decorating involves a happy amalgamation of native accents with the decorating forms of Europeans who colonized these continents. For instance, the British influence in Asian states like Singapore and Malaysia resulted in a clever blend of rattan wicker and bamboo based planter styled furniture with accents that incorporated the look of native art and accessories. Since the pineapple inspired the colonists in America in matters of social and economic standing, its delightful looks and form eventually inspired designs on bed posts, napkin holders, wall papers and napkins as well as any form of accessories placed in view of the guests to signal a warm hospitable welcome. Eventually, the colonists used the pineapple design to create just about any form of home decorative accessories such as pineapple table lamps, pineapple wall sconces and hurricane lamps as well as decorative bookends for the desk and den.

The Influence of the Pineapple in Decorating

The pineapple does add a pretty and versatile appeal. Its generous shape has often been compared to the pinecone which has a long history with the European civilizations including the British and Roman empires. Many older buildings still employ the use of the pineapple as part of its overall architectural beauty. One such landmark is the Shirley Plantation of VA which displays a large pineapple motif on its roof. Due to the social prominence given to the pineapple, American colonists eventually used its form and appeal to inspire the interior of the home and highlighted pineapple designs on bed posts and bed sheets to welcome plaques and unique kitchen accessories like pineapple napkin holders, card holders and even pineapple sconces to set a warm, inviting mood for the evening.

Due to the symbolic nature of the pineapple, consider its placement in areas within the home patronized frequently by your guests such as the front entrances and courtyards, foyers and hallways as well as formal dining and powder rooms. The kitchen would also be a suitable place for highlighting pineapple themed features since close friends are sometimes privy to the personal space in your kitchen for a drink or a chat. Many garden items are available today that highlight the theme of the pineapple and these could include pineapple water fountains and pineapple finials for the front pillars. And use pineapple accents to decorate your front door through the use of pineapple welcome mats and pineapple front door knockers. If you are truly directed in creating the hospitable theme for the home with the use of pineapple decorative accessories, do it wisely and skillfully. There are many pineapple themed accessories in the marketplace today but it takes a good eye to blend in these accessories into your decorating styles. For instance, you can use brass pineapple sconces and candle holders to add to a formal atmosphere while keeping your theme for a Victorian or country appeal. Brass and resin pineapple themed items will not necessarily look appropriate on a table however and may stand out of place. Hence, it would be good to use the same material makeup for such presentation.

Pineapple Fireplace Tool Set

Pineapple Fireplace Tool Set

However, use a careful blend of these pineapple accessories – use too much and the impressions rendered through these beautiful accessories could get lost. Create an impression with a few pineapple accents – a nice welcome plaque with a pineapple accent close to the walkway to your front door will set an approving impression with your guests as they trail through your home with hospitable accessories and unique decorative styles that thrive on the welcome and hospitable theme. This could culminate eventually to the kitchen or formal dining rooms as you seat your guests to an enthralling and hospitable meal ahead of them again with good taste. You can add creativity by even accessorizing a real pineapple fruit to hold some of your dishes for the evening, possibly marking the evening with much warmth and hospitality. And if you have guests for an overnight stay, introduce some of these pineapple welcome elements to the bedroom to tell them how much their stay means to you. Some take this further by decorating their headboards with the pineapple fruit or using pineapple bathroom accessories and table lamps to make their stay memorable. Due to the almost universal symbol meaning of the pineapple, you can rest assured that your guests would leave your home, happy and thoroughly gratified over your kind hospitality.
Written by Romilla D. for Kaviik’s Accents
© 2008 Kaviik’s Accents Inc. All Rights Reserved


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