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The Inviting Fireplace

Posted by kaviiks on September 26, 2008

Accessorize the fireplace with the right look and accents to add character.

Accessorize the fireplace with the right look and accents to add character.

The fireplace is the hearth of the home, the heart of family life and the center of the building blocks that govern the function of the family and human relationships. Somehow, this is the room that draws human activity and draws a focus as events of the day are discussed, a place where thoughts of the family linger and a comfort zone for enjoying that strong cup of tea or a glass of wine with your cherished guest/s. It isn’t a wonder then that there is so much effort dedicated towards decorating the look of the fireplace mantel with distinguishing pieces that communicate the character of the home and those who live within it. When you usher your guests into this “warm” room, you reserve this place for a display of the character and life of your home. It is also the room that highlights your interest to be close to your guests and a place that encourages your guests to be trusting and friendly.

Corbels and brackets add to an architectural element for the fireplace decor.

Corbels and brackets add to an architectural element for the fireplace decor.

Decorating the fireplace can be a challenging and enjoyable task. Consider a theme for your fireplace that visibly ties in with the rest of the decorative theme of the house. For instance, if you are seeking period styling and love the look of detailed adornments, Victorian styles moldings and trimmings, please ensure that this styling follows through with your fireplace design as well. The ingenious use of home accessories such as wall décor sculptures like medallions and Greco-Roman friezes, as well as a richly designed rug can effect a dramatic and richly toned appeal to a fireplace that emphasizes a classical and yet natural appeal usually accentuated with the look of stone or earthen bricks.

The room that has the fireplace draws focus and careful seating arrangement around the hearth ensures comfortable appreciation of the surrounding areas around the fireplace which essentially is the main focal point for this room. This is the room that you want warmth to linger as you also work towards visually tying in the lovely accessories into a room that looks complete, striking and inviting. Use a careful selection of home accessories and enticing wall décor like corbels and unique sculptures that captures interest and draws focus to the fireplace and the fireplace mantel.
Written by Elaine T. for Kaviik’s Accents
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