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Seamless Appeal with Shabby Chic Decorating

Posted by kaviiks on September 26, 2008

Use decorative accessories that add to easy comfort and are not contrived.

Use decorative accessories that add to easy comfort and are not contrived.

The shabby chic philosophy stems from a desire to be in touch with the ways of the past and involves a clever and inviting use of the resources available, to create a harmonic and peaceful form that is comfortable, unassuming and practical. A number of us may actually like the look of the old and we may cling on to our rather worn accessories because of popular use or because they carried meaning and importance to us. Perhaps, these accessories are family heirlooms passed down generations or maybe it is a painting given by your favorite grandma or something you treasured from mom or dad. The shabby chic style is actually a harmonious combination of these truly old accessories and new items aged artificially to create a look that is peaceful, comfortable and aesthetic. These is little of the harsh colors typical of bold décor themes like the baroque or the richly adorned colors schemes of the fiesta décor theme or even the sometimes cold business like appeal of the modern contemporary living. Instead, there is an artful combination of used decorations and washed color schemes that tie in towards a successful harmony designed to promote easy living and practicality. Shabby chic décor evolved due to financial constraints but today, can involve a creative and aesthetic process that emphasizes a good eye for all things old and a more relaxed lifestyle away from the humdrum of the city appeal.

Uses vases and urns with distressed finishing to tie in with the shabby chic look.

Uses vases and urns with distressed finishing to tie in with the shabby chic look.

Nothing appears to be out of place in a shabby chic theme. A well coordinated effort to balance the use of well worn wallpapers and chipped wooden paintings should not be glaring and harsh but should be more seamlessly added for a personal and inviting look. The old furniture that is well worn and highlights wrinkles adds a soft look to the shabby chic motto.

Scour the flea markets for a choice of worn out accessories or visit stores that retail items which are not too dramatic but having a distressed well worn appeal. The faded floral theme is consistent with a shabby style as is the inclusion of old wooden mirrors (chipped a little perhaps), and the use of chipped porcelain vases or urns will dramatically add effect when used with some lovely lilac florals. Today, many kinds of home accessories are artfully contrived to complement the look of the shabby chic. Begin by designing your theme first then accessorize your room with the right color schemes and decorative accessories. Coordinate well. The most central point is to design a comfortable and harmonic setting that is personal and appealing to you and your family. 
Written by Elaine T. for Kaviik’s Accents
© 2008 Kaviik’s Accents Inc. All Rights Reserved


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