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Sculpt the Garden with Pots and Containers

Posted by kaviiks on September 21, 2008

Garden urns help fashionably design the garden with charm and form, giving character to an otherwise lifeless corner or place.
Garden urns help fashionably design the garden with charm and form, giving character to an otherwise lifeless corner or place.

One of the means of decorating the garden involves the use of pots and containers. You can plan your use of pots and containers with more structure or use them based on your own sense of judgment and astuteness. Pots and containers do nicely in large or small spaces and they can be made from so many kinds of materials that also add to the character of the place. These is no exact science that can be used towards container gardening. It involves a more judgmental use of your pots and containers based on the theme that you set for your planting areas. For instance, use terracotta pots defined more on the colors of red, orange and brown, weathered look permitting, if your surrounding areas are more slanted towards a Tuscan or southwestern appeal. Cast iron urns or art deco styled urns and planters will stand out sorely in areas of such design when the look of contemporary and modern designs with cast iron pieces simply counteract the naturalistic and Tuscany appeal that thrives on the look of the natural elements.

There are just so many kinds of urns and planters to aid in the creation of a lovely container garden. And the use of such pots and containers can even take the inclusion of unique pieces like a boot or animal planters for a whimsical approach to old cans and jars for a look of the country. Containers are simply useful ornaments that allow one to integrate a sculptural factor to the garden by varying the look of the greens and florals in areas that may need attention such as the look of a garage, the back of your windows, the empty deck that needs a pot or two or simply indulged in the front entrances to create a plethora of color, beauty and awe for your guests to admire.

There has been an interest towards using Roman and Greek inspired containers simply because the inspirational designs from the Greco-Roman empires have resulted in a delightful array of pots and containers created with much grandeur and architectural detail. They add indelibly to the form and character of a place. Because Greek and Roman pottery highlight a fascinating array of detail and designs, pots and containers of today have grown to include these unique designs mostly highlighting life and works of the historical perspectives of these great nations. I simply love the look of the tall majestic Tuscan urns. A pair of these can either be used to flank the front entrances to set a more formal welcome to your guests or be used to create an artistic impression for the courtyards or nears formal areas like the pools and fountains. The more formal Tuscan urns would include the use of handles which you can sometimes forgo. And be creative and inspiring with the use of these tall urns – use shrubs like boxwoods and small trees to accessorize and enhance their appeal. The ornate nature of some of the Roman urns can also allow their use as standalone pieces to fill the look of an empty corner or interspersed with the varying planters to juxtapose their enchanting addition against the larger number of pots and containers around.

Indeed, the garden is not complete without the look of pots and containers. To deny them would render the place seemingly bare and opaque. Pots and containers add visual interest to a landscape. Their effective use in the garden helps focus attention on specific areas of the garden that warrant interest and the skilful use of these “ornaments” should be directed in trailing the attention of the viewer to areas that highlight their use while detailing the overall look of the garden. No one can deny that containers have not proven themselves as an instrument of design for the garden. They have in fact earned a prominent statement for the gardens of today lending to a formal or informal perspective and offer much advantage for unique design opportunities.


Written by Romilla D. for Kaviik’s Accents
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