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Conservatories: The Elegance of the Mini Gardens

Posted by kaviiks on September 16, 2008

Use garden ornaments add color, form and draw attention.

Use garden ornaments add color, form and draw attention.

Most of us may look towards adding a conservatory with anticipation as an extension of an indoor garden room for the home, budget permitting of course. Conservatories can be created small or large but most importantly, they must be designed in proportion to the size of the house or the beauty of the extension becomes in question against the larger landscape of the home. A conservatory makes a home look charming and pleasant as it graciously extends the look of the garden indoors. For some, the idea of adding a conservatory may take a classical approach and home owners could go as far as endowing it with expensive period styling moving in with frills and decorative styles that are over-emphasized. Well, conservatories need not take such an exorbitant approach – the idea of a conservatory is intended to welcome the outdoors, in. A simple conservatory with glass windows can look really nice with a good design. Be creative with the use of the plants, vines and florals. Use them any way you wish but a clever approach would render the look of the conservatory, breath taking and enchanting with a hint of romantic interest when you can cleverly employ the lush green with tinges of the florals. Create a theme if you must but do it positively and imaginatively. For instance, use tropical plants for a Mediterranean or natural theme – mix well and match well with rattan or bamboo furniture. The essence is in creating a conservatory that fits your personal touch and interest.

The conservatory can also be used in many creative ways. Use it as a dining room when you would like to welcome your guests to a treat of an indoor garden or convert it as a reading room for you to spend a leisurely time reading or writing. Having nature brought indoors can be a rejuvenating process. Garden rooms offer a unique opportunity to tend to your favorite plantings close by. You can also adopt an architectural mode sculpting the look of your conservatory using sculptures and containers that highlight good taste. Completed with the greens and floral, it can sometimes adopt a mystical and romantic charm.


Written by Romilla D. for Kaviik’s Accents
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One Response to “Conservatories: The Elegance of the Mini Gardens”

  1. Matt said

    Architecture holds several designs and options for living that are still used today for contemporary builds. Two of the most popular additions to homes that have been used for centuries are conservatories and orangeries Both these designs work as additional rooms to the home and are built as ‘glass rooms With these specific designs, is a rich history that has led to some of the most luxurious looks in homes.

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