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Pigs as Piggy Banks?

Posted by kaviiks on September 15, 2008

Piggy banks make nice pig gifts for young children.

Piggy banks make nice pig gifts for young children.

One of the sound financial lessons that a parents wills his/her child to learn is to know about saving and about growing your money. From young, the child is handed a coin box most often and always, in the form of a happy and fat pig! But why use a pig for this? What is the origin and history of the piggy bank? Why use a rather snotty and ill fated animal that has been “slaughtered” in folklores and for the dinner tables, to hold your precious money? Historically, the pig has also been viewed in disgust by people of many faiths as unholy and to some not affected by the unholy denomination; the pig is simply a natural stink which loves to be lazy and wallow in dirty mud. Not a pretty sight indeed! While we adults may decide otherwise at the idea of using a creature to hold the money after harnessing so much knowledge and background about the pig, the fact remains that the sight of a little pig with a squiggly tail holding your money surely seems humorous and exciting for a young child untainted about the negative impression of the pig. I am sure children enjoy the sight of holding a lovely fat pig for use as a piggy bank rather than holding a piggy bank shaped in the form of a cat, mouse or wolf. The money entering the little box just does not ring the familiar “piggy” tinkle tone and feel it would do if it entered none other than the body of a fat pig. Yet, also realize that the idea of getting money out of that pig is a seemingly hard activity and why so? Perhaps, and this is just my conjecture, it is designed to teach our children that saving is a hard and long process that eventually pays off over time when you get to break the belly of the pig and watch the money flow… then perhaps, you can graduate and start off the saving challenge again with a larger piggy bank…..or is it simply that once fed to a pig, your money is simply gone…well, so much for conjectures and thoughts about the little piggy bank!


Written by Elaine T. for Kaviik’s Accents
© 2008 Kaviik’s Accents Inc. All Rights Reserved


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