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Garden Designs with Container Gardening

Posted by kaviiks on September 15, 2008

Architectural planters infuse the garden with character and charm.

Architectural planters infuse the garden with character and charm.

Container gardening can be a creative gardening event, an exciting pastime that can greatly explore one’s sense of style and ability to change form meaning the ability to create exciting landscape ideas and gardening possibilities both indoors and outdoors.

There are many flower pots and containers out in the market today and they come in many, many different materials, forms and colors. Flower pots and containers add a considerable amount of value to your garden design and certainly boost the character of your garden by adding a myriad of color and texture to what may otherwise be a lifeless scene. They are a consideration we use to bring the garden closer to us indoors without which plants would have to be left best outdoors. One cannot deny that having green within our home has added color and pleasure to our lives.

Benefits of Planters:

Consider the advantages of flower pots and container gardening:
• They bring color to a porch and deck allowing you to introduce brightly colored greenery such as the use of variegated green and colored leaves, and brightly colored blooms such as tulips, geraniums and marigolds.
• They bring life to an otherwise lifeless window with the introduction of window boxes which can hold a cluster of varied plants, herbs and flowers. The art of decorating plants within a window box passes character to the area and space in which it sits.
• They accent the walkway and foyer or hallway enabling your guests to appreciate their beauty and hence, your home.
• Allow one to create unique  landscape designs for the lawn and garden through the selection of the many different forms and colors available for flower pots and containers; often, there can be a complement towards a modern and classic feel with the use of pots and containers

As you may well realize, container planting can achieve a sense of symmetry to your lawn and garden. They allow us to explore our sense of creativity into developing the kind of garden design and landscape we want to see within our view.

Types of Planters:

Use low lying plantings for egenerous shaped shallow bowls for effect.

Use low lying plantings for egenerous shaped shallow bowls for effect.

There are many planters out there – multi tiered plant stands, flower pots made of high quality resin, stone pediment, clay, window boxes, wall planters, urns and vessels and many more. They were created to serve our sense of longing for creativity within the folds of nature. Pots and containers actually introduce a sculptural element into the garden – we can use them to bridge the gap between flora and fauna, while having them grown in the way in which we want them to. That’s the marked pleasure in container planting – we govern the way in which our landscape should take effect. In doing so, we introduce the varied themes that we want our garden to take. For instance, some creative gardeners may do their planting using an old milk can. Adding such a tall milk can within the backdrop of your garden can add a country and rustic look.

Since plant stands and containers come in varied shapes, colors and materials, they help create a good combination of landscape ideas that one can use – when guests parade through our gardens, it is the flower pots, containers and many planters that set the stage for their focus into the landscape that they add flavor to. And use as many types of planters as you wish – they break the monotony of your garden and add a purposeful flavor to your creative efforts.

Have a Good Garden Design:

Most of us have some idea of what we feel constitutes garden design. Some of us like to have our gardens wide and open with little interference by way of garden decor such as plaques and garden statues while some of us like to use these said garden accents to complement our garden and landscape design. But regardless of what the preference might be, garden planters and plant stands contribute towards accentuating an otherwise understated garden. They give form and flavor.

Many of us like to be close to nature as possible, and using planters with many different forms and

Animal planters add a touch of whimsical mood.

Animal planters add a touch of whimsical mood.

using discards such an old wheelbarrow or a very old wooden window box, can do much in accentuating the look and feel of a lively garden.

Use containers to attract attention to your garden. And be creative with what you use in achieving this – vary the different foliage and blooms to create a theme within your garden.


Written by Elaine T. for Kaviik’s Accents
© 2003 Kaviik’s Accents Inc. All Rights Reserved


2 Responses to “Garden Designs with Container Gardening”

  1. Container gardening can be for everyone, even patio or balcony gardeners. Thank you for the great read.

  2. Jack said

    Great read indeed. These planters do add a ton of character!

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