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Create a Retreat with your Courtyards

Posted by kaviiks on September 14, 2008

Use enchanting water features that draw attention and create interest.

Use enchanting water features that draw attention and create interest.

The courtyards which are an influence of the Spanish, is a lovely addition to consider for a home that longs for a retreat outdoors but with the protection and privacy rendered through the creative use of tall hedging, walls and fences, sometimes complemented with arbors. Those homes that possess courtyards normally find a way of screening unwelcome sounds like the sound of the screeching cars, irritating sounds of the lawn mowers and sometimes unwanted screams and screeches through the creation of walls or hedging and the effective use of space within these confinements. The courtyard can be used instead to harbor the sounds we want like the ushering of the birds through the use of inviting bird baths, ponds or wall fountains to create a soothing water flow or the rustle and indulgence of shrubs and flowering plants to usher in a peaceful and tranquil outdoor scene. For those of us who enjoy the presence of a courtyard to grace our home, there are many ways that we could do to decorate and instill a “comfy” appeal to our courtyards. It all comes down to design, creativity and a budget to spare.

Large planters create interest with foliage and greens.

Large planters create interest with foliage and greens.

Many of us can use this space as a private “outdoor room” where families gather and an exchange takes place. The courtyard can have walls or hedges to increase privacy, arbors to segment the area and benches to enjoy a quiet read. For some adventurous home dwellers, the creation of a water feature in the courtyard is an essential plus for a courtyard. The beautiful and peaceful sounds created by a small pond or water fountain does so much to calm our beings, away from the unfriendly hustle and bustle of city life and of course, from the honk and screeching of cars and bikes.

Here are some ideas you can do to add some focal points to a courtyard:

1. Add water features like a small pond or courtyard fountain to introduce harmony and peace. You can add this near the front entrances of the courtyard or set them close to benches and seats where they can be aptly admired. The sounds contained within the courtyard from a lovely water feature will naturally amplify and sound well within the space.

2. Benches to enjoy a quiet read or engage in a chat. The introduction of café table with two chairs also does nicely for a place to sit, read or talk.

3. Use plants and shrubs to add form, color and balance. If you use an arbor, add trailing vines and facilitate greenery that is lush and inviting.

4. The use of large urns and pots also does magically and helps create a mood and impression. If they are large enough, place them near the front entrances for a charming touch.

5. A rock garden which adds a natural and serene perspective to a garden, highlighting more foliage than florals.

6. Use unique sculptures, small or large to add a peaceful and seamless look to the courtyard.
Written by Elaine T. for Kaviik’s Accents
© 2008 Kaviik’s Accents Inc. All Rights Reserved


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