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Adding Water Features to the Garden

Posted by kaviiks on September 13, 2008

Garden statuary add unique forms to the water feature.

Garden statuary add unique forms to the water feature.

Water features like ponds and garden fountains can be a great way of adding personality and a rich tone to the garden landscape even if it done on a small scale. Water is after all the most natural element of nature and when it is used aesthetically and through clever design techniques, it can result in the loveliest forms for the garden. Loveliest because water simply evokes the senses to one of peace and tranquility and if you do capture the right mode and look for the garden with the placement of a water feature, you can be sure that it will result in years of pleasure and admiration. The manner in which you place the water feature, outdoors, is central to this because the placement of the water feature considers factors such as the position of the sun, shade, the type of fountain used and the enveloping area around.  If your garden can afford the look of a pond or the inclusion of a water fountain, there is much that can be done in creating a peaceful and soothing flow using water. Water can be construed to create many kinds of sounds from rippling effects to splashing, spraying and flowing forms. People are simply drawn to water and using skillful landscaping techniques can allow you to appreciate the look and effects of water. If you do have a water feature visible in the garden, spruce up its presence with benches or rocks that would allow someone to appreciate its beauty. After all, if you have worked to create and design a water feature as one of the main focal points in the garden, you should be able to appreciate and direct the focus to it a little

Fountain statuary add color and form to a garden pond feature.

Fountain statuary add color and form to a garden pond feature.

more than the rest of the landscaping in the garden. So, add benches or large garden rocks for use as seats to enjoy the reflective view and cool breeze from the water and if you have a pond, add unique accents like boulders, pond floaters or orbs and decorative statues such as cranes or herons or even pond statuary to add a whimsical theme. But add them naturally – do not clutter or the look of the pond or water feature goes lost and unrewarded.
Written by Elaine T. for Kaviik’s Accents
© 2008 Kaviik’s Accents Inc. All Rights Reserved


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