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The Mythical View of the Ancient Dragon

Posted by kaviiks on September 10, 2008

Sea Serpents and dragons are becoming part of the garden landscape these days.

Sea Serpents and dragons are becoming part of the garden landscape these days.

Dragons have been widely noted in many cultures and literatures all across the world, earning their place and interest with many children and even adults. Ancient cultures speak of the dragon myth and one thing is clear, however different dragons may be, all cultures seem to recognize them as winged creatures gigantic enough to command attention, spewing huge balls of fire. The effect dragons have on every culture is evident through the many timeless stories that have been passed on from ancient times. While some cultures view dragons as dangerous and envious beings that create chaos and which possess the intent to destroy, there are many cultures such as the ancient Chinese culture which view the dragon symbol as one of strength, creation and of good fortune, often connecting these mythical creatures to the Chinese king. Many eastern cultures revere the dragon as protectors of all things sacred and oftentimes, connect them to the elements of weather namely rain and sun. The east viewed dragons as supernatural beings without wings that could fly magically through the sky.

These intriguing dragons inspired many an emblem and flag.

These intriguing dragons inspired many an emblem and flag.

Our sculptors design dragon statues and lawn dragon statuary with character and whether it be a sea serpent or the ferocious Wyvern dragon, our dragon statues and dragon sculptures are designed to bespeak the dragons that probably existed in ancient times. Ever heard of the Wyvern dragons? Wyvern dragons are smaller in size than their larger counterparts in medieval Europe. Initially, the Wyvern was thought of as a fearsome creature with sharp claws and talons that will tear a victim without reservation but has also since grown to suggest strength and power. While Wyvern dragons were once associated with sorcerers, these beings have also been used as a mascot for many institutions in Europe and even the US. And whether the Lochness sea serpent’s existence was myth or a fact, the obvious influence that this legendary creature offered has resulted in creative Nessie gifts and unique ideas of 3 piece dragon sets. The idea of having a dragon weaving through the yard, has been viewed with much interest by many American gardeners who love the look of something mythological in the yard.

Our selections in dragon statues and dragon sculptures include choices in garden dragon statuary such as the Lochness sea serpent or Nessie as it is popularly and affectionately noted, oriental dragon statues, dragon gifts that sit well on your office tables or at home as side table pieces, dragon boot brush and an enchanting oriental bronze dragon fountain statue.
Some of our selections on dragon statues and gifts reside at the following url:



Written by Romilla D. for Kaviik’s Accents
© 2008 Kaviik’s Accents Inc. All Rights Reserved


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