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Cats Go to Heaven Too

Posted by kaviiks on September 10, 2008

Cats have a life too. Let's respect that.

Cats have a life too. Let

I have grown my life living with pets. We had more dogs than cats and of course, beautiful fishes some of them being the illusive and intelligent Oscars. Did you know that Oscars could be trained to respond by name? They are affectionate creatures despite their overbearing appearance. It is just that they are the kind of fishes which need to be left within their community and they actually live happily together when they find that comfortable niche. But enough of the Oscars! I just want to share what I remembered of a little neighbor girl who hated cats. I lived in a 3 storey apartment building when I was really tiny….about 6 years old. My family lived on the ground level and there was another family that occupied the 3rd floor. I used to wonder about the occasional screams that I would hear outside my home but my parents never allowed me to take a look outside.

Then one day, I just got a peek of that view when I went out to pluck some of my mom’s favorite flowers. A little girl, a little older than my 6 years, was throwing kitty cats down to the ground and she seemed to enjoying the horrible act. The poor kitty would take that fatal fall and that scream was what I had been hearing all this while. My father told me to get inside when he saw her throwing the cat down and I asked him why her father would not stop her? My father told me that she was unsound. But how did she get hold of little kitty cats so easily? Why do people do such things? Why do people try to hurt little helpless creatures…cats that cannot call out for help…animals which have no idea of the human language and cannot express their concerns or voice their opinions about the way we live with them? I have never forgotten that incident. It remains a cry in my mind as I think about the little kitty cat falling to its’ death and sounding a frightening meow. Over the years, I do wonder about the little girl and whether she has learned anything on being a better human. I hope she has. I believe that life is God given and we should not be taking it away whether from a kitty cat or not. We should therefore continue our efforts to advocate protection and help enact laws to protect cats and all other God’s creatures from abusive treatment.
Some of our cat statues and gifts reside at the following url:

Written by Romilla D. for Kaviik’s Accents
© 2008 Kaviik’s Accents Inc. All Rights Reserved


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