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Bulldog Bookends for the Bulldog Lovers

Posted by kaviiks on September 9, 2008

A lovely gift idea for den of a Bulldog lover.

A lovely gift idea for den of a Bulldog lover.

Many bulldog lovers simply love a gift that highlights the form of their wonderful pet. Just some days ago, I took my car in for a check and conversed with my agent. Lo and behold, just marking his desk was a lovely bronze casting of a bulldog figurine. As soon as I had picked up the little statue to admire its beautiful chiseled features, my agent took out his wallet and handled me the photo of his beloved fawn bulldog. It sure was a cutie! Despite their seemingly stern face and overbearing girth, bulldogs are really a wonderful pet breed for the home and family. These friendly and graceful dogs impart a regal and sometimes royal presence. Bulldogs are loyal pets and very protective of their owners. Little wonder why this wonderful and likeable dog has been used as mascots for many sports, universities, schools and organizations through North America and Europe especially in Britain where it is an accepted symbol. If you are looking for creative bulldog gifts, try bulldog bookends since they not only add an aesthetic  addition to the desk, but they will also surely be appreciated by the bulldog lover.

We have some bulldog bookends located at the following url:

Written by Romilla D. for Kaviik’s Accents
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