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Introduce School Benches to Create Group Activities

Posted by kaviiks on September 8, 2008

Benches encourages activity areas for students.

Benches encourages activity areas for students.

I cannot imagine a school that does not include few benches to meet the needs of their student population. The placement of school benches within the halls and school compounds eases monotony and creates healthy activity areas as well as centers for children to engage in. It could be a conversation with another school mate or a chance for the student to learn and do new things with other fellow school mates. Or it could simply be a placement for encouraging quiet reading corners for students or allowing the shaping of great minds by fostering the growth of young authors who could take some direction through the interest of a kind teacher. Needless to say, benches add a functionality that is well worth the investment. And they should be placed in activity areas within the school that foster the creation of healthy and encouraging activities. For instance, use some benches outside the canteen area to encourage students who are bent on a quiet read or use them outside the school compounds to encourage more conversant groups or project interactions. While they serve well in adding to the aesthetic value of the school, they also add a lovely perceptive inclination towards encouraging healthy group meets. 

To view our school benches, please visit the following url:

Written by Elaine T. for Kaviik’s Accents
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