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Hebe Statues for the Garden: A Popular Choice

Posted by kaviiks on September 8, 2008

Hebe is the Greek Goddess of Youth and Spring

Hebe is the Greek Goddess of Youth and Spring

Hebe statues and sculptures are perhaps one of the more popularly used Greek sculptures for landscaping projects. The beautiful demeanor of this lovely female statue holding a cup bearer is intriguing and captivating. It is noted that Antonio Canova, a famous Italian sculptor and architect who inspired much of the neoclassical arts, sculpted four varying statues of Hebe, each revered for its elegance and simplicity. The last Hebe statue is located in the Museum of Forli in Italy and history records that one of the Hebe statues was created for the first wife of Napoleon, Josephine, for display in her gallery at the château de Malmaison.

Hebe is the esteemed daughter of Zeus and Hera who was notably credited for being the cup bearer of the Gods of Mount Olympus serving nectar and ambrosia at the feast of the Gods. Hebe, also known as the female “Ganymeda” or “Juventas” is the Greek Goddess of Youth and Spring. She is perhaps the fairest of all the Goddesses next to Hera. She married Heracles at the point of his attaining immortality in successfully ascending Olympos and had two sons with him, Alexiares and Anicetus. Hebe is also said to help her mother Hera by having the horses attached to the latter’s chariot and bathing her brother, Ares after a battle. In the Euripides’ play Heracleidae, Hebe granted Iolaus his wish to become young for one day in order to fight Eurystheus. Iolaus was the former charioteer for Heracles. Ancient Greece probably offered one of the most beautiful sculptures known to mankind amongst which was beautiful Hebe. At Kaccents.com, we pride in highlighting some of the beautiful sculptures of Hebe including a life size Hebe.

Our sculptures of Hebe are located at the following url:

Written by Elaine T. for Kaviik’s Accents
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