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Inviting the look with Decorative Sun Wall Plaques

Posted by kaviiks on September 5, 2008

Sun plaques connote energy, vibrancy and power.

Sun plaques connote energy, vibrancy and power.

Sun plaques are lovely additions for the home and garden walls. For one thing, their meaning suggests vibrancy, energy and color. The brilliant bright rays of the sun heralds a lot of energy and light, is associated with goodness and notably, considered the provider of warmth and with crop growing for many cultures. And the sun understandably carries a lot of meaning in many cultures across the world. Darkness is associated with everything foreboding and distressful while the sun is seen as the giver of life, bringing wealth and food, energy and power to all who reveres its mystical presence. The Native American culture views the sun with reverence, associating it with power, creative energy and the giver of warmth. The symbolic meaning of the sun is further expanded into its own meaning based on the respective tribes such as the Navajo, Hopi and Mayan tribes. The Celts welcome the day when the sun reaches its highest point and ushers in a period of wealth and optimism on those born on such a day. The Egyptians had many sun deities, Ra and Horus being some of the well known gods known to them. Many of the ancient Egyptian stories revolve around the impressions and sanctity of the sun which was thought to be symbolized by the eye or body of Ra.

Decorative sun plaques surely add an inviting statement. Created with sometimes radiant themes, sun plaques can come in many attractive and stylized forms for visionary and aesthetic appeal. I especially love the look of sun plaques that creatively display the beauty and brilliance of the sun’s rays. After all, the sun’s rays remain a poignant if not distinctive feature of the sun. Without the look of the rays, sun plaques look dismal and unattractive. Choose large colorful sun plaques if you are looking to display them outdoors. In fact, sun plaques add vibrancy and energy to the wall. You can of course use sun plaques indoors if you are looking to add a fanciful touch to the walls and supplementing them with a choice of earthy and natural tones home accessories and furnishings. Some sun plaques add a whimsical approach through the use of brightly designed sun faces to add a pleasing and happy look.

Some of our sun plaques are found at the following link:


Written by Elaine T. for Kaviik’s Accents
© 2008 Kaviik’s Accents Inc. All Rights Reserved


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