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Adding Focal Points with Fountain Statuary

Posted by kaviiks on September 2, 2008

fountain statuary help shape and complement themes.

fountain statuary help shape and complement themes.

A water features adds a very decorative element to the garden. It brings activity and life by creating movement, sounds and a focal point for the garden. Fountain statuary are sometimes chosen for some fountain basins and pond features to add some kind of geometry or decorative theme, hence adding value and an aesthetic sense to the total garden picture. There are many kinds of fountain statuary. Most popularly used are crane spitters which may add an enchanting flow of water into a pond while inviting the wild life appeal. Some may like to use a cherub statue atop a fountain basin to enact a classical grandeur amidst the scenery. Such themes are consistent with a Tuscan and Victorian theme where the use of cherubs was widely apparent. These days, children fountain statues are also becoming popular for the garden and they may highlight children in various thematic positions designed to imbibe innocence and childish play. Such fountains only highlight the importance and precious meaning that children bring to the homeowner. Many Americans also enjoy the look of the Roman and Greek classics with the use of the Rebecca of the Well fountains or the inclusion of Neptune and Venus statues piped for fountain use. Religious fountain statuary is also heralded for those who seek a sense of peace and tranquility and most popular are the use of Saint Francis fountain statuary.

Pet fountain statues also inspiring water features for the garden.

Pet fountain statues also inspiring water features for the garden.

Research a fountain statuary that you could relate to and invest in a piece that allows you to create unique themes for the water features around your garden. In most gardens, the fountain emerges as the main focal point and the use of such water features should be designed to render a soothing harmony in a given space supplemented by other pleasing features.

Some fountain statuary suggestions reside at the following url:


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