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Which is Better: A Door Stop or a Door Wedge?

Posted by kaviiks on August 30, 2008

Adds to a rustic or log cabin theme

Adds to a rustic or log cabin theme

Sometimes it just makes it necessary to hold the door with a door stop or door wedge. Rather than having it close on our face and facing an unpleasant accident while we are moving some items through the door entrance, it makes all the more sense that the door be secured by something like a door stop or a door wedge. Of course, some of us may prefer to keep certain rooms closed like a bathroom or powder room and our own private rooms but what about rooms like the kitchen, library or breakfast rooms where traffic is constant and often? Here’s when the door stops or door wedges become handy!

Here are some pointers that you could pay heed to when deciding on the best door stop or door wedge:

1. Determine whether your door stop or door wedge needs to functional or purely decorative. Are you looking for something that holds the door permanently or something that is more decorative to add some color and form to an otherwise dreary looking door? There are doorstops that are purely decorative – these doorstops are designed to add a look and could supplement various home decorative themes like a rooster theme, pineapple décor theme or a rustic and log cabin appeal. There are many types of such doorstops but if you are seeking something really functional, check the weight of the door stop against the weight of the door. A heavy door requires a large and heavy doorstop better made of a metal or cast iron material. A resin door stop is best used to hold a light door.

2. A Door Stop or a Door Wedge? Door wedges are best suited for light doors but they can also do well for holding down a heavy door. These are small pieces that are designed to be less visible than a door stop which is often created bigger for deliberate viewing. The decision is purely governed by your own perceptions and aesthetic sense.

Simple and Yet Functional

Simple and Yet Functional

These days, everyone loves to have a door stop or door wedge. Be also aware that some cast iron door stops may not possess wedges at the back to hold under the door for extra anchorage – if that is an absolute consideration, request that information when purchasing. Generally, most websites do offer complete information on the products sold but always arm yourself with the information you need.

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Written by Romilla D. for Kaviik’s Accents
© 2008 Kaviik’s Accents Inc. All Rights Reserved


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