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Decorating Tips for Small Room Spaces

Posted by kaviiks on August 27, 2008

Attractive wall decor comes with unique accents

Attractive wall decor comes with unique accents

Well deserved decorating can happen with small room spaces just as much as it can happen with large rooms. Here are a few quick home decorating ideas and tips that you could use when decorating small rooms:

1. Create a continuous flow and a seamless effect by painting your floors the same color as your walls.

2. With small wall spaces, choose carefully chosen art pieces and wall decor accents and hang these pieces in strategically chosen areas to set the focus.

3. Try using furniture such as side tables or lamp tables that use clear glass.

4. Do not obstruct light into the room as dark rooms communicate crowd and clutter They basically impair the visual effect.

5. While most of us love to decorate our windows, do not go for elaborate window dressings. If you are indeed seeking to use curtains or blinds, go for colors that hit close to the walls.

6. Try to avoid huge armchairs and sofas – they overcrowd the room. Instead go for chairs and furniture that are easy to move around and highlight slender legs.

7. Use corner racks or furniture to dress up your corners but do not clutter.

8. Always invest in delicate and natural tones – avoid the glaring and layered patterns. They cramp the room.

9. Use room dividers if you have any – they are a natural boon!

10. While storage may be an issue, you need not have to always hide away those little notebooks or papers that you would like to review from time to time. Create small storage baskets which can sit nicely in a corner or on the table but still hold your items in an elegant way.

Decorating is an artful affair and it can dip into your creativity and flair for making your room designs the way you want them to be. Home furnishings and wall decor can work refreshingly in adding depth and vibrancy in a small room just as much as it can do with a large room!

Written by Elaine T. for Kaviik’s Accents
© 2003 Kaviik’s Accents Inc. All Rights Reserved


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  1. Candace said

    Thanks for the tips.

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