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Of Frog Statues and Ornaments – What’s The Meaning of Them?

Posted by kaviiks on August 26, 2008

Adds a whimsical romantic interest

Adds a whimsical romantic interest

Many of us love having some kind of garden critter around the yard, a turtle or two or perhaps, a hedgehog boot brush that adds some inviting function and yet, many of us cannot go without the frog. We may like to have a frog key safe or a frog downspout, then some of us may fancy huge bronze sculptures of frogs that add an impressionable dimension to the lawn and garden. Many sculptors also create frog spitters and frog fountains that are artistic and designed to be seen and admired. Others may relish the idea of frog bookends and frog pen holders to adorn the desk and office workplaces. So, why are we that preoccupied with the fascination for frogs?
The frog is a popular garden animal, an amphibian found all across the world which has in some cases, made its way as a delicacy for some cultures.

Decorative additions for a pond setting

Decorative additions for a pond setting

Many stories and fairytales have used the frog as a theme like the “Frog Prince” and Aesop’s “The Frog and the Ox” and the face of the frog has inspired many a puppeteer and been used in cartoons to attract children’s attention as part of some creative teaching methods and fun. The frog has also found its way as symbols for organizations and businesses that use the face of the frog for attention and capturing the interest of the media. The Egyptians consider the frogs as a symbol of life and fertility and have their own frog goddess known as “Heqet”. and so do the Chinese who worship the “three legged frogs” as usurers of wealth and good fortune. These mythical frogs are used to attract wealth and prosperity for their owners and oftentimes placed in areas where wealth is necessitated like the cash register in a business, front entrance of a business establishment and other areas where the “allure” of money is expected. These frogs are also closely associated with the art of feng shui. Celtic lore in the meantime associates the frog as a symbol of magic and a form that initiates the “leaping” from one world to another.

Whatever the meaning attached to frogs, these animals have surely woven themselves into the garden with a decisive leap. From the array of frog sculptures and figurines available to frog tabletop fountains and huge bronze sculptures of frogs to colorful frog gifts like frog bookends, frog planters and everything “froggy” around, surely having a little frog for a garden buddy should be a whimsical ornament cutie for the garden.
Written by Romilla D. for Kaviik’s Accents
© 2008 Kaviik’s Accents Inc. All Rights Reserved


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