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Why a Saint Francis Bird Feeder?

Posted by kaviiks on August 25, 2008

Saint Francis, Patron Saint of Animals

Saint Francis, Patron Saint of Animals

Ever wondered why a Saint Francis bird feeder statue is always associated with an animal such as a bird or a deer, sometimes a wolf? Saint Francis of Assisi is the patron saint of animals whose extreme devotion to the church and its principles was recognized and praised by all. His love for animals and the natural peace that dwells around is legendary. Many stories abound on the manner in which animals responded to the presence of Saint Francis – it is said that his teachings on peace and the Creator, attracted them immensely. What was more inspiring was that Saint Francis seemed to be able to communicate to them and these creatures in turn, responded affirmatively to him. Saint Francis was said to spend a lot of time speaking to the animals around him and he is thought to have communicated with birds, rabbits and even the wolf. One of the famous stories ever written declared how Saint Francis tamed the wolf that terrorized the people of Gubbio. The wolf was noted to have caused a lot of problems, killing anyone in its midst and striking harm and terror for the villagers. Using God as the reason, Saint Francis tamed the wolf and secured a truce pact between the people of Gubbio and the wolf. It is said that the wolf lived peacefully with the people taking food from them door to door and when it died, was a testimony of the inspiring virtues and holiness of the beloved Patron Saint of Animals, also known as Saint Francis of Assisi.

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Written by Romilla D. for Kaviik’s Accents
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