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Creating themes with Decorative Corbels

Posted by kaviiks on August 25, 2008

Classical brackets and corbels add character.

Classical brackets and corbels add character.

For those who love finishing touches that may seem a little grand, corbels and wall brackets may go an extra mile by reinforcing the look of your room rather charmingly and with tasteful detail. Corbels and wall brackets create a unique architectural flavor that is distinct and substantial, and they have been used for centuries. Today, there are many decorative corbels and brackets that come with unique styles and designs. Some may appeal to a gothic and medieval look, some may undeniably enhance a cherubim taste while there are yet many which fill in the look of the classics from the neo classic era to the Baroque and not withstanding the look of the English Victorian theme.

Resin corbels are mostly designed to be decorative but which can be strong enough to hold a small statue or a light vase.

Here are some ideas on using some of the many corbels available:

• Use angel and cherub corbels to enhance the look of a Tuscan or Victorian appeal. Cherub corbels which are richly finished in gold, make enduring additions for an affluent and extravagant Baroque theme where the use of cherubs were one of the defining features for this particular appeal.

• If you stumble across the look of a shell bracket, then consider its use for a more sea or beach themed décor. The move towards all things coastal renders the use of such corbels, an inviting and certainly refreshing appeal.

• Corbels that employ leafy details like those of the oak or acanthus leaves are well tuned for a more classical perspective.

Be sure to visit our corbels and wall brackets catalog for unique choices in resin corbels that add a flavor to the walls from cherub corbels, coastal decor corbels that add a taste for the sea shore, to leafy scroll brackets that shape all things Victorian and English to a variety of decorative corbels that make designing your home and wall décor projects so much fun.
Written by Elaine T. for Kaviik’s Accents
© 2008 Kaviik’s Accents Inc. All Rights Reserved


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