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Quick Decorating Tips with Home Accessories

Posted by kaviiks on August 22, 2008

Adds an architectural statement for the walls

Adds an architectural statement for the walls

Most of us are very much into interior decorating – we like to find suitable home decor ideas and well thought out decorating color schemes to decorate our homes and garden topped with the right home accessories and home furnishings to finish the act. We want to be able to create a purposeful retreat in our home for receiving guests and family – we want to create the atmosphere that would allow us to pass a quiet afternoon or be able to relax in a nice corner for a quiet read. While we may constantly scour the internet or do some leg work to the stores for the right home accessories, there is a simple design solution we can all abide to – it is only with thoughtfully chosen home furnishings and home accessories can we realize a good sense of design that has maximized our room space. If we have achieved a right focal point with these home accessories while considering the rest of the interior decorating principles including scale, proportion, line, balance and rhythm decor, we can rest assured that our final interior decorating design will be rewarding.

Here are a few home decor ideas that might help with creating some new interior decorating ideas and home decor suggestions:

Find the right decorating color schemes that suit your personality and home interiors. Color is a very important factor in creating a focus on the space within your rooms. Choosing the right colors make a big difference in making your rooms look big or small, cozy or otherwise. My suggestion is to stick with the neutral colors – see a good interior decorating designer for good advice on the right color schemes. Or get some house painting tips from the local paint store. If you are choosing neutral colors, make sure that these blend in with your home accessories or home furnishings. Choosing cream or white for the walls and having neutral colored home accessories will not do justice towards your final interior decorating design for the rooms.

Once you have the colors and furniture in place, find the right home accessories and smaller home furnishings that can aptly blend in to give the look you want. For instance, for a room with a large sofa in place – place an end table together with home accessories that stand up to the height of the sofa. Create a focus that blends in – do not place small and unattractive home accessories that will hurt the balance of the look of the sofa together with the end table. Also consider the weight of the sofa – you would want to add sturdy home accessories such as a table lamp as seen below rather than a small home decor accent which is better off left in the curio shelf. The look of the home accessories has to be proportionate to the surrounding home furnishings. Scale is very important  here.

Use lots of table lamps when you want to make your home interiors intimate. Outfit your lamps with colored shades that are warm such as pearl, alabaster, parchment or ivory to give the mellow tone.  Such decorative table lamps as those featured above can add both a symmetrical perception and decorative element  within a room. 

Create a few focal points within the room if it is a large one. Use attractive home accessories, decorating color schemes and wall art that creates harmony and rhythm. If you have large home furnishings such as heavy set sofas – span a good three-quarters of the sofa’s length with wall art. You may use a grouping or a straight-lined presentation. Remember to create at least one dramatic element in the room that will set a focal point.

Analyze your room space. Are you adding too many home accessories that crowd the home interiors or are there too many home accessories and less of the large home furnishings? Is the room cozy or is it cramped. With space, everything is relative.

Move your home accessories and home furnishings around. Sometimes, we may not feel that we have used the right interior decorating ideas to create the image we want in our rooms – after all, each of us have our own idea of what we want to see in our space. You may like to strip the whole room of its home furnishings and accessories and then move them around to areas you feel maximizes the focal points and personality you crave. Leave the room empty for a few days and rework on your redesign – sometimes, that opens up fresh ideas as you view the space in a new light.

If your room is small, try choosing home accessories that are tall and large to give the room the added dimension. It also visually adds space to the room and makes it look big. Use a few of such large home accessories as the one pictured on the lower right. Mount a bust to add that height.

Silk floral arrangements add color and form.

Silk floral arrangements add color and form.

There are no hard and fast rules regarding what sort of home accessories will work within your home interiors but choose attractive and high quality objet d’art, rich table lamps and candle stands as well as vases that create a purpose within the room. But do not overdo your use of home accessories and home furnishings – often the clutter of too many home accessories may impair the look of the room. Rather than creating space, you are cramping the whole room design. Freshen up the look of your room with home accessories at different times of the year – that way, you give your home interiors and room design a constant change that guests can appeal to.

Always add depth with your home accessories by aligning different accessories with varying heights together. And remember to create focal points in all your rooms. Well placed decorative home accessories and home furnishings can do a lot towards making your room space “livable” and lively – our Home Decorating Catalogs can give you the home accents and home decor touches you need. Let’s transform the ordinary home interiors into extraordinary and refined spaces within your home!


Written by Elaine T. for Kaviik’s Accents
© 2003 Kaviik’s Accents Inc. All Rights Reserved


3 Responses to “Quick Decorating Tips with Home Accessories”

  1. Excellent article. Decorating the home doesn’t always have to be expensive, a little creativity goes a long way.

  2. coreypat said

    Great article…consider wall quotes for $19.95.

  3. CleanStar said

    Just came across your article and gotta say “Good Job!”
    You really provide some good advices how to decorate a room without losing focus on your own decorating style and without cluttering.
    And I also agree on decorating a home does not always have to be expensive and actually can be done on any budget, from the small budget to the big pockets full of money. 😉

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