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The Celestial Appeal of the Sleeping Angels and Cherubs

Posted by kaviiks on August 21, 2008

Set of sleeping cherubs on pedestals

Set of sleeping cherubs on pedestals

All of us love a touch of divinity to the home and garden, and we tend to keep an angel or cherub to not only accent the home with a decorative appeal but to add a celestial presence to our personal refuge. Perhaps, the look of a chosen guardian to the home adds a heavenly reception in our day to day activities here in this worldly planet. Many of our customers love the look of an angel or cherub, but we find a number looking to highlight a little of the heavens with sweet pudgy faced sleeping cherubs or boy or girl angel statues created in a sleeping posture. Some are created with their wings positioned protectively over them while others are shown hugging the little critters around like a bunny rabbit or a bird. Many of our customers have offered such statues as memorial gifts due to the peaceful serenity created by the look of these sculptures but one thing is clear. We trust our pathway towards God and the look of the heavens in the garden surely adds a serene and peaceful glow with such heavenly angels and cherubs.
Written by Elaine T. for Kaviik’s Accents
© 2008 Kaviik’s Accents Inc. All Rights Reserved


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