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The Fascination with Reading Statues for the Garden

Posted by kaviiks on August 20, 2008

Love shared by a mother with her two children

Love shared by a mother with her two children

Sculptures of children created in the form of reading statues, have become popular choices for many home owners who simply love adding such statues to the garden landscape. The idea of a little boy or girl sitting on a bench and spending time on a quiet read, seems so collected and peaceful. The use of such peaceful statues to the garden adds a statement to the garden that we can relate to when we look out the windows and enjoy the soothing view that heralds our eyes in the privacy of our garden. And many reading statues and sculptures have emerged over the years to cater to the growing interest in demand for reading statues. The theme of reading has also extended to the use of animal sculptures and pretty sculptures highlighting a reading rabbit, reading monkey and reading rooster which are just some of the kinds of decorative sculptures that add a whimsical and somewhat, fairytale look to the garden.

Whimsical reading animal statues

Whimsical reading animal statues

One of the latest lines we have noted is the emerging trend towards highlighting mother and child sculptures created with the theme of reading. The idea of a mother nurturing the growth of her child, emotionally and intellectually, through the use of books, is an inspiring gift idea for a special day to celebrate moms like Mother’s day and her birthday, of course!

With the growing emphasis on reading, no one can dispense that reading statues are perhaps lovely thematic considerations for adding to the décor and landscape of a school, library or a public park. For such settings, we recommend the use of large to life size sculptures of reading statues to add an impact. Small pieces may do well in a closed setting but the importance of rendering the use of large reading sculptures in a wide area, should be emphasized well. The beauty of reading, glorified and accentuated through the use of beautiful reading sculptures, is perhaps a creative and lovely way of directing and encouraging the reading habit among our young.

More reading statues at the following url:

Written by Elaine T. for Kaviik’s Accents
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