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The Humor of the Flying Pig

Posted by kaviiks on August 19, 2008

What is it about the pig that simply humors? These animals which are found across the world in North America, Asia and Europe, characterized by a snout for a nose, a curly tail and a rather stout body hinging on four legs, have been inspiring fairytales, myths and revered in cultures like the Chinese who view pigs as one of the 12th sign of the Chinese zodiac calendar. Although they are considered forbidden animals in other cultures, we cannot deny that the pig is just a funny and personable being that inspires and humors. And they are intelligent beings but perhaps, their girth, weight and looks impale the glory of their fascinating thought structures. The very concept of a pig with wings is surely a fantasy but not in Cincinnati, OH which dedicates towards keeping the flying pig tradition alive and well. Beautiful sculptures and gifts of the flying pig abound in this beautiful city. Ever noticed the beautiful pig sculpture with the wings that sits atop the Riverwalk in Cincinnati? That is worth a watch and is beautifully detailed. In all, the flying pig truly means an event that will never occur and while some use this concept to demean another, I’d like to take a more positive attitude like the people of Cincinnati aka “Porkopolis” (a term coined around 1835 when Cincinnati was the chief hog packing center in the US) who view the pigs with a positive and humorous eye and with unequaled zest.

Some of our funny flying pigs with an attitude:



Written by Romilla D. for Kaviik’s Accents
© 2008 Kaviik’s Accents Inc. All Rights Reserved


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