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Choosing your Garden Statuary

Posted by kaviiks on August 18, 2008

Garden statuary add a considerable amount of energy and drama to your garden landscape – no garden is complete without some form of statuary. Lawn statues give breadth and depth to a garden – harbored amidst all that greenery and floral beds, statues add towards providing a focal point and a sense of character that we can happily relate to. They can add humor, romance or even tell a story. Garden ornaments and statues can convey movement or stillness or add an element of surprise.  They can serve as a contrast to the landscape and even highlight a particular area within your garden in marked detail.

Before you choose your sculpture, try and decide the kind that you want to have which will fit in well with your garden landscape and garden decor. The sculpture should be in scale with its surroundings – do not choose a garden sculpture that is minute in comparison to its surroundings nor one too large that it draws attention away from the surrounding landscape. We suggest using a large statue for a focal area as such statues command a presence and attention. You can set up a large statuary at the end of a long pathway as an instance to draw attention to what lies around the corner such as a deck or a pool. Garden statues, when placed in strategic locations, offer a break to what lies ahead.

Garden statuary should be placed to create an impact and figurative garden sculptures can add considerable drama to a landscape. They can add whimsical interest to the garden while telling a story. Choose a good piece for the garden – even a pair of lion statues will be a desirable completion to your garden decor. However, use too many statues and the individual impact of each will be lost. The net result is you will have too many garden sculptures competing for attention and crowding the beauty of the landscape.

There has been a heightened demand for garden statuary the last few years and today, there are many choices offered at prices which are affordable.  Kaviik’s Accents (www.kaccents.com) supplies only the finest made garden statues available – we ensure that each garden ornament and statue will make an impression to your landscape and possess the quality that is expected. Please visit our garden statues catalog for some lovely choices in garden ornaments and statuary.

Written by Elaine T. for Kaviik’s Accents
© 2003 Kaviik’s Accents Inc. All Rights Reserved


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