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Children Bookends – Gift Idea for a Teacher or Student

Posted by kaviiks on August 18, 2008

Bookends are just beautiful additions to consider to a library or home. And the choices are endless…there are just so many types of bookends that make a statement that it is a lovely addition for a home that thrives on a look or theme. After all, bookends add a sense of theme to an otherwise empty library filled with books. They also make fine library gifts as well graduation gifts.

Many of us love presenting children themed bookends for a graduation or as a gift idea for a thoughtful teacher. Children bookends like the picture shown in the inset of this blog which highlights the theme of reading, communicate childhood innocence and a reading skill that should begin as a child. The essence of presenting such a lovely set of bookends is certainly a gratifying feeling for both the recipient and sender who can relate to these bookends with equanimity.

Children are our resource and grooming a child is a centrally important factor in our society. Bookends that celebrate children as part of their theme celebrate life and evoke sentiments of love and youth, nurturing and education. Choose children bookends that add color and visual impact. They must add life and love, all bundled into a beautiful set for presenting to a student or teacher who values growth and progression.

Some ideas on children bookends include the following:

Set of playful children figurines
Set of playful children figurines

This creative set does not feature any reading theme but it adds fun and life to a shelf as it highlights two young children playing a game of hide and seek.

Another set we share comes with a classical touch and are made of bronze, a material cast through the lost wax method. This lovely set features two reading child figurines who come with a little cat or dog for company. This set adds a sweet statement to a child’s library or as a gift idea for a teacher.
Other children bookends include:
Written by Romilla D. for Kaviik’s Accents
© 2008 Kaviik’s Accents Inc. All Rights Reserved

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