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Architectural Detailing with Decorative Corbels

Posted by kaviiks on August 17, 2008

Add the angelic look of a cherub corbel.

Add the angelic look of a cherub corbel.

Many of us love to include a corbel or two in the living areas and foyers to give the rooms a “facelift”. Corbels and wall brackets create a unique architectural flavor that is distinct and substantial while contributing to the overall design. They describe the owners’ style and penchant for fashion. And many decorative brackets exist in the market today to satisfy many home owners and they exist from the purely classical brackets that reflect the influence of an era such as the periods of the Baroque and Victorian, to simple and modernistic brackets that serve a function and purpose. There are even corbels that highlight a whimsical appeal such as corbels that highlight the colors of the court jester to those that invite a look of the coastal appeal.

Whether the interest is towards a Rococo decor or the toile, or towards a rich gilded design as noted by the striking Baroque styles, decorative corbels and brackets create a sense of architectural purpose that is undeniably subtle and electrifying. Many corbels come with beautiful visual and colorful appeal that allows them to be used for a theme such as cherub corbels for a Victorian or Baroque look, shell and rope brackets for a coastal and beach theme and even the awesome gargoyle brackets add to an unrelenting gothic appeal. Traditionally styled corbels and brackets tend to display leafy scroll designs usually using the inspiration derived from an oak and acanthus leaf for all things Victorian and English. Choose good looking Victorian corbels and wall brackets that are made of high quality resin, stone, wood or even metal. They must be made durable to last.

You can use corbels decorative to set the stage for distinctive character and depth for your fireplaces or practically any other room which needs some definition and form. Home restoration projects can be fun with the numerous architectural styles and hardware like corbels and wall brackets available in the market today. Corbels and architectural details like moldings add considerable architectural detail to your wall decor projects. They project detail in an area thereby adding a sense of restoration and drama by holding your favorite vase or small statue to emphasize your taste and inclinations. Be creative with your corbels and brackets – use them to define your artistic flair and use them to complete the gratifying picture of your room.

Written by Sharon N. for Kaviik’s Accents
© 2008 Kaviik’s Accents Inc. All Rights Reserved


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  1. architecturalmouldings said

    Unique architectural elements always add elegance to a room, you have nice interior decor.

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