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Thinking Creative with New Concepts, New Ideas and New Looks

Posted by kaviiks on August 16, 2008

Decorating can be rewarding and fun-filled – a time to share and re-invent your decorating perspectives. Many of us may experiment and try new things over time..the mood changes over time and our abilities may flow to generate a new kind of look that we can relate to. Then there are those of us who just may like to do some changes but keep all the rest of the larger picture pretty much intact.

Well, depending on how you view your perspectives, decorating can be a rewarding and opportunistic area. After all, with much of the kinds of materials and decorative items available, what’s left is creativity, a desire to discover and a design appeal to bank on..and to eventually smoothen out a look that you can really call your own personal type. I say “smoothen” because I believe strongly that the appeal should be primarily your own not another’s. After all, when you decorate your home or your garden, you want to be the final fit with the final look of the place. No one wants to spend money to get a whole job done and then find that it hardly speaks you at all! To take this as an instance, why decorate Victorian when you are truly a modernistic individual and the styles of contemporary decor may really and truly characterize you better instead? Perhaps, you are the sleek techie kind of person who likes the look of metal and mandates functionality better than elaborate detailing. Or maybe, you are the sultry type who likes all things tropical with bright bold colors and the appeal of the hot sun and the lush greenery. Then the staid colors of natural living may just be far too removed to interest you.

The basis for decorating is to find somewhere to start and be creative enough to be able to define a theme that you can call your own and then determine the styles and looks that you want to nourish and grow that look.

Over time, we plan to introduce some ideas and styles in our new blog…so be sure to tune in…
Written by Romilla D. for Kaviik’s Accents
© 2008 Kaviik’s Accents Inc. All Rights Reserved


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