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The Many Decorative Faces of Door Stops and Door Wedges

Posted by kaviiks on August 16, 2008

Dog Doorstop

Dog Doorstop

Imagine holding a door with your foot while both your arms are hanging on tight to some grocery bags! The hassle of holding on to the bags combined with the energy and frustration in getting past the door could have all been prevented through the use of doorstops or even a door wedge. And there are many in the market today, all designed to serve a function and with a decorative style as well. Doorstops and door wedges are a delightful addition to the home with a purposeful form and function. They can come in the shape of a dog, cat, farm animal like a cow or pig or simply created with the clean and smooth lines of a simple door wedge then topped with a cute and adorable figurine or shape that you might like to relate to!

There are plenty of doorstops and door wedges available in the market today from the heavy cast iron door stops to the light door wedges made of wood. Cast iron door stops are a great idea for holding your heavy doors – think of a style you like and then make sure the weight of the cast iron sufficiently holds the door out for you. Door wedges may serve well for lighter doors and there are large door wedges like our large bulldog door wedge that will hold your door out with a royal grace! Our door wedges have been a hit with many of our customers from the rabbit door wedge that adds a playful theme to the cat door wedge for a touch of fancy for the cat lovers!

Our door stops and door wedges are a unique selection we offer to add some fancy to the home. They communicate color and function while supplementing to a decorative theme. Here’s how and some examples to spruce up a color and theme:

Rooster door stops are a nice suggestion for the country decor look and will add invariably to a Tuscan and rural appeal.

Rooster door stops are a nice suggestion for the country decor look and will add invariably to a Tuscan and rural appeal.

• For the home that loves the look of the rooster, our antique rooster door stop will surely add plenty of quiet cock-a-doos. It comes with delightful vibrant colors of the rooster and is beautifully hand painted.
• A country décor appeal may be supplemented by doorstops that come with the look of the pig, cow or any typical farm animal. Even the basket of flowers doorstop is a surely seller for the look of the country.
• The coastal décor which is characterized by lovely pastel and natural finishes can be well complemented with doorstops that reflect the coastal or nautical theme.



Written by Elaine T. for Kaviik’s Accents
© 2008 Kaviik’s Accents Inc. All Rights Reserved





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