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About the Better Business Bureau

Posted by kaviiks on May 31, 2011

For many years, we have suffered mistreatment from the Better Business Bureau, so it came to us as a pleasant surprise when Brian Ross of ABC 7 reported the Better Business Bureau for failing to adhere to business practices and for allowing companies that do not pay nor subscribe to their services to suffer bad publicity from the following:


1. Levying unfair number of complaints against a company even knowing that a business is NOT at fault. A paid company enjoys the privilege in that complaints are “hidden” from public view. A paid company also enjoys an “A” rating. If you refer to Mr Brian Ross’ report, even a company that set itself up as “Hamas” (a terror group) got an “A-” rating!

If the BBB is a legitimate company looking towards the interest of the American public, it should be fair on all counts.

2. For not properly investigating the facts of a case before making a judgment against a company. We have found at most times their representatives are just not knowledgeable.

3. For not properly educating themselves on market practices eg. understanding market conditions and practices, availing themselves of the problems inherent with the manufacturing industry in the United States and fully understanding the transactional processes before making a judgment call.

Because there are always two sides to a story, we will be providing information on all complaints so the public is fully aware of what that complaint was. We have nothing to hide – we are just tired of the BBB being unfair and classifying wrongful cases against us.

For more information, you can check one blog we came across; there are tons if you do the searches:


And if you have heard of Mr Wolfgang Puck and his wonderful shows and restaurants, you might probably wonder why he suffers an “F” – Mr Puck has never paid nor subscribed to the services of the BBB and does not ever believe in doing so (based on what he had to say on an interview with Mr. Brian Ross). While Mr. Puck is a celebrity chef in his own right, he can afford to take that stand. We can’t but we will not pay. We would rather donate the money to the needy.

For more information, email us at csr@kaccents.com.

Best Regards,

Kaviik’s Accents


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Why an Angel? What are they?

Posted by kaviiks on March 14, 2011

Angels are pure spirits that originate from the Kingdom of God who are thought to protect and guide humans. Others record angels as celestial beings endowed with the task of being God’s messengers on earth and possessing power and spiritual enlightenment; who act as God’s intermediary and as our guardians on Earth. They serve us well by protecting and reminding us of God’s teachings, inspiring us and constantly rewarding us.  Somehow, we all believe in these celestial beings regardless of our faith and they are mentioned in all the major scriptures – the power they are bequeathed with and their importance to God, make them very special to us. I like to think of angels as guardians and I like to think that they are deigned to protect and guide us. So, yes I do believe in them and I do believe angels watch over us.

Padre Pio whom I follow closely is known to have always been in constant contact with his guardian angel. There is documentation that indicates Padre Pio knew the actual contents of a letter even before it arrived to him. When he was asked as to how he came to acquire the information, he would always quote his guardian angel as the source. Sometimes, he had indicated that his angel would be his interpreter of foreign languages. As a result, he was always able to understand a foreign letter only because his angel translated the language for him!

There have also been many situations where people have indicated a contact done with an angel or where they strongly believe that an angel was sent to guide them through hard times. The feeling is possibly one that is hard to describe because of the intensity of meeting such a form.

Our angel statues and sculptures add an inspiring addition reminding us of the importance they make to our lives and we have so many to share from the angel cat and dog figurines to mark the loss of your loved pet to angel baby statues and even guardian angel statues for the garden. Choose from small to large and life size angel statues and sculptures.


Written by R. D. for Kaviik’s Accents

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Match up with Fun Drinking Coasters!

Posted by kaviiks on February 23, 2011

The pelican accent that shows up on this coaster tile welcomes an appeal of the coastal realm, adding to a casual and easy living theme.

These days, beverage coasters come in all shapes and sizes from round ones that offer the look of the conventional to square and octagon types which somehow come with a stylized appeal that is quite contemporary. Coasters are fun and creative solutions for adding color to the table and they make nice gift ideas for a housewarming party or for simply handing to a friend who seems fetish about a specific style or theme. While the obvious case is to satisfy the functional purpose of holding up your cup without scratching the table surface, drinking coasters do add a mood to match the purpose of the visit or the theme of the place.

I like coasters that tell a story, maybe the kind that adds a natural mood like sea shell themed coasters or even religious coasters where the look of an angel seems so protective! Yet sometimes when the mood affords it, I think I could do with coasters that are quite botanical. I like flowers you see and of course it reminds me of how pretty our country looks with flowers and greenery to keep it company. Coasters are also nice ideas for a garden party. There are just so many to match the mood of the occasion, so when you are looking for coasters, find something you like. If you are patriotic, the mood of the red, white and blue speaks aplenty for a July 4th party or if you love roosters and the country, try searching for coasters that come with the farm country or rooster theme. Here are some to spruce up the occasion or offer as gift ideas:

The rooster is perhaps one of the most popular themes inspiring the country decor styles

Chef themed items continue to inspire many a kitchen accent...

For Sprucing some whimsical fright to the table!












Written by Tracy P. for Kaviik’s Accents

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The Popular Use of Acanthus Ornamentation

Posted by kaviiks on February 18, 2011

Have you ever wondered about the designs of your decorative ornamentation and accessories? How many times have you looked at a wall plaque or frieze and seen the obvious acanthus influence, or looked at a pair of bookends and admired the highly visible use of the acanthus leaves or even looked at a garden pot and noticed that familiar lobed leafy appeal? Acanthus designs are everywhere offering inspiration to much of human creativity; you can see this design on grilles and friezes, on the kitchen table as napkin holders and rings and on bath accessories where the look of the classical simply adds to a formal and yet inspiring appeal.

You will be surprised to find that many of the designs we use in our accessories borrow from the Greek and Roman influences in their own conception of what constitutes art and the use of ornamentation. The use of acanthus leaves, specifically from the Acanthus spinosus and the Acanthus mollis, are just some of the inspiring influences that have made their mark on Grecian and Roman architecture which we have since followed. Their initial design appearances probably began first with their use on Roman and Grecian columns and capitals. Somehow, the spiked appeal of the acanthus leaves (a genus of plants belonging to the natural order Acanthaceae) fostered creativity among the ancient Romans which gave it the extra twist by using more curls of the leaves to create a more visual impact. They loved to use the acanthus leaves to enhance the grand appearance of their buildings and temples. The especial use of the acanthus made its mark felt more in the Byzantine Empire under Emperor Constantine who has been credited with many architectural feats under his reign. Thereafter, the acanthus leaf and flower have been visibly used across many decorating styles finding its way from the Byzantine Empire into medieval art and then into the Gothic, Renaissance and Victorian eras.

In modern America, many European decorating styles that use the acanthus motif have found its inspiring use on the columns and pillars that mark courthouses, government buildings and other formal institutions. Sometimes, the use of the acanthus leaves have been stylized to reflect the mood of the artisan crafting it but the basic element is in place which is the beautiful spiked details of the acanthus leaves, captured in a way that makes its use throughout the centuries, a continuity to be admired.

Written by Romilla D. for Kaviik’s Accents
© 2011 Kaviik’s Accents Inc. All Rights Reserved

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Ceiling Medallions: Decorative Ornamentation for Your Ceilings

Posted by kaviiks on February 17, 2011

An empty room is far from being cozy. In fact, a room that serves mere functionality for the sake of living and rooming is not really a home and unfortunately defines a dweller not inclined perhaps to the general pursuits of a happy life. A room needs expression; it needs life and the only way one would make the home special is to dress it. The basic point is when you make your room a comfortable refuge replete with the accessories to complete its scenic appeal, you are also inviting your guests with the right vibes and placing them on a comfortable/trusting level with you.

So, what are the pertinent factors that create that character for your room? Yes, you got it right. Architectural elements! And they come in all forms from moldings and trims, corbels and brackets to friezes, grilles and medallions.
This article looks at medallions as a means of adding character to your ceilings. Just what are they and how do you use them?

Generally, medallions or rosettes are circular objects made of plastic, resin, wood, marble or lightweight polyurethane. They can be small or large enough to make a definite impression to a room especially in a large foyer or hallway or they can be even used on the walls to create a varying impact. However, these days, we do find medallions in other shapes moving away from the conventional circular designs. Medallions have a long history and are thought to originate from the Middle East but the growing interest in ceiling medallions really began with its use on the ceilings of the ancient churches of Europe like the Sistine Chapel of Vatican City where great artisans like Michelangelo carved iconic representations from the Old Testament. Since then, medallions have also wound their way in the most promising forms in courthouses, government offices not forgetting the inspiring Presidential Seal found in the Oval Office.

Ceiling medallions bear designs of all kinds most times capturing the designs of the period starting with the Renaissance. Traditionally, they employ the characteristic acanthus leaf motifs, religious motifs that borrow the inspiration from leading Renaissance artisans like Botticelli and Perugino, the Greek Anthemion which is an artistic representation of the palm tree or the typical egg-and-dart designs which has become popular in classical architecture since the Renaissance. Other more traditional designs also include the popular dentil, the guilloche and the paterae, a neoclassical raised form of design which is generally oval or round in design. These days, medallions have also been done creatively to include modern art like animals, faces and even stylized floral designs to fit the demands for unique and artistic ceiling ornamentation.

Medallions offer exciting opportunities for adding an architectural impression to the ceilings. You could have highly ornamented medallions which offer intricate details and finishing that borrow from the acanthus and guilloche designs to blend in with period style homes that thrive on the Colonial, Victorian or even the Renaissance impressions. They also need not be limited to only homes which capitalize on rich ornamentation. There are many simple medallions that do not highlight too much of the architectural details which could serve well in blending with modern settings. The issue is to find what works with the general design scheme of your room.

These days, manufacturers have gotten creative adding glasses to ceiling medallions. The effect as a result has been to offer a reflective view that glorifies the inner charm of the room sometimes magnifying its use when appropriately used with lighting fixtures on the walls. There has also been a growing use of ceiling medallions which allow one to hang lighting fixtures with the medallion offering a more formal addition that simply elevates the beauty of the room.

But one thing is for sure. Medallions are a nice ornamentation to consider for the ceilings and will be possibly a wonderful architectural element to consider for any home.

Written by Romilla D. for Kaviik’s Accents
© 2011 Kaviik’s Accents Inc. All Rights Reserved

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Decorative Concrete Pots

Posted by kaviiks on March 19, 2009


Decorative concrete pots and concrete garden planters can enhance and beautify the home and garden landscape environment. CoConcrete Garden Urnsncrete garden pots are very versatile in that they can be used in many different applications, for example in the patio, courtyard, poolside, deck, stone walls and the garden. Concrete pots are heavy and bring a sense of permanency and focal point to the décor. 

For many homeowners, the patio or the deck becomes an area to relax a quiet weekend or entertain guests at that summer barbeque.  Decorating the patio with concrete pots makes the atmosphere refreshing and pleasing. The courtyard is another area where large concrete pots can be used to create a central or focal point of décor.


Many landscape desiContemporary Bell Garden Potgners use a stone wall in their designs for both functional as well as for aesthetic reasons. Stone walls that adjoin the house also extend and add to the architecture. While stone walls bring their own sense of permanent beauty to the garden, adding decorative garden pots on stone walls can bring a touch of elegance to enhance the garden environment. Entrance walls, for example, mark the point of arrival and a pair of decorative concrete pots can be used here to create a warm welcoming area.


There is a Estate Concrete Potwide spectrum of co

ncrete landscaping planters and garden pots are available suitable for any application. The concrete garden pots come in many decorative styles in both classic and contemporary designs and colors to suit your individual decorative accent. The choice of concrete pots includes garden Oriental Round Garden Poturns with decorative accents and garden bowls that offer a wide planting area. Create a refreshing décor with interesting approaches to your patio, courtyard, poolside or the garden with a combination of concrete pots different sizes to build a themed area.


The swimming pool environment can be enhanced by adding Decorative Poolside Potssuitable mood lighting and lining the poolside with concrete pots. Another interesting idea is to create an exciting area by the poolside with a rock or stone garden together with a collection of decorative concrete pots of different sizes distributed it.


Written by John R. for Kaccents.com
© 2009 Kaccents.com, All Rights Reserved.
Email csr@kaccents.com




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Make Your Foyers Speak for You

Posted by kaviiks on November 14, 2008

Large tapestries create an opulence and add a focal point to a space that can afford its presence.

Large tapestries create an opulence and add a focal point to a space that can afford its presence.

It is normal for first time guests to size the manner in which the foyer reaches out to them when they make their entry through the front door since the foyer “creates” and “awakens” the first time impressions. This is after all the entry into someone’s home and sets the limelight for what lies ahead in the house.

A large foyer would demand a certain ambience since the audience may expect the large space available filled with a myriad of accessories that add a pleasant and enchanting reach. A guest stepping into a home with a large foyer liberally sizes up the elements that make up that space which is contained by the look of the floor, the wall spaces, and the lighting details and molding that decorate the ceiling. For those looking at southwestern or even Gaelic décor, the use of tiles could effectively add to a decorative presence. Tiles can be used in varying patterns to create effects and the resulting color and form can do wonders in making your guests feel welcome and comfortable. Floor tiles can take a checkered form in a modern or classic context or be created in a delightful fluid manner that plays the use of the accessories and furniture placements for a classy and seamless appeal.  For those homes that do not contain a foyer but a hallway from the entrance, try using tasteful accessories and furniture to brighten the look of the place. Avoid dull and dark colors that constrain the look of a narrow hallway. Choose colorful tiling and decorative accents and even plants complemented with inviting candle wall sconces to usher in your guests with a welcome. 

Here are some ideas on making the foyers work for you:
1. Store away the Unsightly Personal Belongings
Do not use the foyer as a holding area for you to display unsightly belongings like your umbrellas, shoes and even coats. Most of us tend to treat the foyers as the area where you “clean up” before you proceed to the interior of the home. The foyer is truly the room that creates the welcome statement for the home and should be a treated as the room that heralds your guests officially to the rest of your home. Hence, try to change the use of the foyer as a utilitarian room and use it to make a glowing statement of your personality and charm as a host or hostess. This is the area of the house where you would not like to be caught with unsightly personal effects when a guest suddenly comes by unannounced.

2. Project Home Accessories That Create Interest and Magnifies Impact
Depending on your style, you can present your foyers with classic formality or make it cozy with warm furnishings that are personal such as large pictures of your family and children or unique paintings that add color and pleasantry. Use large sculptures and rugs to capture interest with large foyer spaces while marble and tiled floors can be used to add continuous flow to your adjoining rooms. Add creative tiles that emphasize character and color; some home owners may use wall tiles to simulate the grand aura of the majestic palaces and churches which adds drama and heightens the expectations of the guests. Even simple checkered tiling floors can be finely tuned to usher in the switch to neighboring hardwood floored or carpeted rooms.

3. Use Architectural Details That Spark Interest
Architectural details like fragments, molds, trimmings and embellishments make a statement for the foyers and hallways. Use roman styled columns which add elegance and culture to a space and brackets that complement towards a striking style of your own. If you have an eye for shopping and scouting for the best pieces, try creating unique forms of detailing using architectural salvage. Abandoned wood highlighting the effects of time and metal grilles or frames can sometimes set the creative flow as you discover means in enhancing its look for placement in a section of your foyer. These are abandoned pieces which lived through the test of time and will surely evoke a creative spirit of some kind. You can use them as table centerpieces or even create them for use as a wall decor pieces. The idea behind the use of such architectural pieces is to create a distinct visual impact that goes far in leaving your guests with compliments and a warm stay, cherished and remembered for the original pieces they see.

4. Choose Colors that Set the Theme and Mood
Every room needs color to lift its spirit and create harmony with its surroundings. Color becomes a very determinant factor in tying in the look of your accessories and furnishings throughout the living space. Use color to match the theme you set for the room and you use it with imagination and passion. Decide on a color palette when choosing your color codes for the room and use the colors to enhance the mood, texture and ambience for your room. Color choices are very personal; some of us prefer earthy hues for the foyer while others may choose contrasting colors that achieve visual comparison against the surrounding accessories. For instance, you could display a selection of home accessories which are subtly finished against a darker and warmer colored wall to allow for visual intensity and impact. This then ensures that lightly colored home accessories are appreciated better against the deeper colors that it blends against.

5. The Essentials of Lighting for your Foyer
The impact of lighting for your foyers cannot be stressed enough; the element of light sets a passage for a mood and is one of the essential factors for interior design decorating and planning for the foyers. Imagine the flicker of a candle light sconce or that emitted by a large chandelier which results in a response that is emotional and justifying to the soul. Whether you use table lamps, sconces, or natural forms of lighting, the impact of lighting adds and enhances the appeal of the senses coordinating with the rest of the furnishings to produce a tasteful and gratifying response towards a greater appreciation of the focal points of the room. Focus your lighting to add soft warmth, to highlight a beautiful painting or artwork or use lighting to create an impact. For instance, a chandelier will most surely add a statement of opulence for a large foyer with large spaces to share. 

The art of entertaining certainly involves more than just making your friends comfortable with a good meal and a delightful conversation with hugs and expensive wine to complement the palate. It also involves making their stay at your home even in the few hours made available, a memorable one. While fostering a good relationship and engaging in social skills might be a great way of boosting human ties, your friends may rate you based on the manner in which they are received and the surroundings they are immersed in. The foyer is the setting that beckons the depth of your home to your guests and should be treated as the harbinger of what lies ahead for your eager visitors since good reception begins with a good visual and emotional display that evokes the senses leaving a timeless memory of time well spent in your home.


Written by Romilla D. for Kaviik’s Accents
© 2008 Kaviik’s Accents Inc. All Rights Reserved

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Good Luck Charms and the Three Legged Pigs

Posted by kaviiks on November 11, 2008

These adorable three legged pigs have aroused interest and curiousity.

These adorable three legged pigs have aroused interest and curiousity.

I am sure many of us may hold some form of curiosity over the three legged pig statues that we may see on the desk of a friend or colleague or as part of the lovely garden ornaments carried by a neighbor. The creation of the three legged pig or Chanchitos pig originates from a village in Pomaire, Chile and it is the custom of that place to offer a three legged pig as a gift for a friend or family and for ushering good luck and good will. Tourism has probably ushered in interest over the curiously contrived pig statue since the availability of this strange little pig for purchase, usually in the form of clay or ceramic, is a commonplace item offered in most shops across the village. Whatever the bearing it offers, Chanchitos pigs have already descended into the hearts and minds of curious Americans who find it not only a humorous piece of sculpture for stirring interest into a garden but has also set aside interest for those looking to collect unique and delightful good luck charms for the home and garden.
Written by Romilla D. for Kaviik’s Accents
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Shopping for the Right Container or Planter

Posted by kaviiks on November 6, 2008

Garden Urns offer a classic approach to container gardening.Container gardening can be a creative and artistic process, allowing you flexibility in the manner you present your florals and foliage. Best of all, containers allow you flexibility to move your plants around to places where you can show them off and even bring them into the home when the weather gets colder. The vast number of containers available allows you to create unique designs and settings for your garden as you present unique clusters of foliage and florals in different sized pots and containers to bring out symmetry and beauty in your landscape. And containers can be made of virtually of any form or material as long as they allow for good water retention while of course allowing excess drainage.

Garden containers can be both decorative and functional. Here are some ideas to look for when shopping for the right planter or container for your garden:

1. Determine Design Requirements for Your Pots and Containers
Having a good landscaping design is central towards establishing an inviting use of your pots and containers. For those who love the look of contemporary and modern designs, try using metallic containers and planters with clean geometric designs. These days, garden planters come in a beautiful range of finishes to match your decorative needs. So, a fiberglass planter and urn can also take its form with a “metallic” appeal with the right finish chosen such as color akin towards wrought iron or bronze. Those who are more towards classical appeal might consider the use of Tuscan styled urns and Roman garden urns and containers which set an attractive use of your plants and florals amidst the scenery and landscape. Pots and containers come in many attractive sizes and shapes. Mix and match them to create unique focal points for your garden.

2. Choose Containers that are of the Right Size
To make this possible, it is necessary for you to be familiar with the space that will contain the planter or container. Large spaces can of course invite generously sized containers which will hold big leafy plants or wide growing plants but if the space is small, please use reasonably sized containers that do not affect the balance of your space. Also, avoid the use of planting large overbearing plants and foliage in small planters. The perfect container must be able to hold the right amount of container mix needed for your plants and flowers to sustain their nutrition throughout the season until you are ready to repot them.

3. Know the Materials Used for Your Pots and Containers
Oftentimes, the material used in the creation of garden planters and containers can be important factors in nurturing the growth patterns of your plants and flowers. For instance, metal and terracotta planters can tend to dry out a plant during the hot season, making it necessary for frequent watering events while concrete and cement planters can sometimes destroy the growth of plants which thrive on acidic soil such as azaleas and rhododendrons. Wooden planters are great choices but they are prone to rot over time and have to be replaced every few years. Fiberglass containers are inviting solutions since they are lighter for use and tend to retain water better for your plants than metal or terracotta containers.

4. Consider the Drainage of your Pots and Containers
Drainage is important for any gardener looking to encourage healthy root growth and top-growth. Some pots and containers already come with pre-drilled holes for allowing aeration and drainage. As a consideration, make sure your drainage holes in the pots are at least 0.5” in diameter.

5. Know the Shape of Your Container
There are certain pots and containers which truly do well on their own without any plantings. Some of these plants are usually used to add a balance to a quiet corner or set as an accessory for effect such as a centerpiece to the beginning of your courtyard. Do not use containers that come with small openings at the top usually shaped in the form of a vessel or containers which come with narrow bases since they can be easily tipped over with a strong gust of wind. These are not good for healthy plantings since they do not offer aeration and allow even distribution of the water to the roots. Such containers are best used for decorative reasons and can be cleverly coordinated with the other plantings to create a form and texture that is dramatic and appealing.

Container gardening is certainly refreshing since it allows you to vary and create new looks for your garden. You have the choice of experimenting with window box planters to dress your windows or plain garages and even using a container to combine several plantings for ornamental effect. Herb and tulip plantings do beautifully in a shallow planter while a hanging wire basket can spruce off healthy cabbage plantings for all to admire. The potential for creating effects with the range of pots and containers available is simply tremendous and gratifying. What is needed is simply a creative imagination and a knack for making the unusual happen. For those who have a penchant for originality, try devising a container garden that uses unique forms of planters for dramatic effect and set them in areas where you wish them to command attention such as the entrance to a courtyard, deck or even a porch.
Written by Romilla D. for Kaviik’s Accents
© 2008 Kaviik’s Accents Inc. All Rights Reserved

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Inviting the Coastal Theme to the Gardens

Posted by kaviiks on October 14, 2008

Add fountains that have a coastal or nautical theme.

Add fountains that have a coastal or nautical theme.

The coastal appeal is becoming a favorite among many home dwellers perhaps because it lends towards a more naturalistic and soothing appeal to the human eye. For those looking to imbibe the look of the coastal flair to the home, you can be sure that the appeal engages a haven and retreat welcomed after a hard day’s work with a generous amount of sunlight and an airy relaxed setting. If you are looking to accent the garden with a coastal décor, water features are central to this theme. Water adds that magical element to the garden bringing life to the garden as well as soothing sounds created by the inclusion of water features like fountains and ponds. Here are some ideas for creating and ushering the coastal look to your gardens:

1. Choose Coastal Bird Statues
Coastal birds are vital towards promoting the coastal look and they do nicely both indoors and

Introduce coastal themed birds to complement your garden decor.

Introduce coastal themed birds to complement your garden decor.

outdoors. Ideally, the coastal birds will help speed that coastal theme and you can consider the addition of shorebirds, herons, cranes and pelicans as beautiful considerations for the coastal garden. Some of these statues are available in resin but they can also be created in expensive brass or bronze.

2. Add a Water Feature to the Garden
Consider water features like a pond or fountain for the garden that enhances stillness or movement for the garden. Some home owners may also go as far as adding waterfalls to enhance this theme. Many home owners can also consider using fountain statuary that add a theme of the coastal atmosphere such as crane fountain spitters, dolphin spitters or even children fountain statues like that of a little girl using her watering can by the pond will add to a soothing child like appeal for the garden. Crane fountain spitters are by far popular additions since they not only symbolize loyalty and love but also demonstrate grace and an aesthetic addition to the garden that many relate homeowners to. Other considerations include the use of fish and mermaid pond spitters that add some mystical appeal.

3. Include a Bird Feeder
Bird feeders stimulate the interest of birds and add a welcoming feel to the garden. Because they are highly sighted near ponds and coastal regions, the inclusion of a bird feeder adds an interest for the coastal theme. There are many bird feeders that include unique designs that add the look of the fish or a lighthouse appeal.

Add mood lighting to enhance areas within the garden which can be appreciated.

Add mood lighting to enhance areas within the garden which can be appreciated.

4. Add Garden Statuary that Enhance the Coastal Theme
Many garden statues are available that contribute to the look of the coastal theme and they could include adorable children statues that come with pails and spades to add to the look of the beach theme to cherubs that engage in water play such as cupid statues or even a set of cherub statues that celebrate the seasons will subtly add to a natural and soothing theme for the garden. For the gardens that can accommodate the look of the life size statuary, choose unique Greek or Roman statues that celebrate the natural elements like King Neptune with his trident for a stately and graceful appeal to feminine forms such as Venus the Bather and Rebecca at the Well statues.
The look of the coastal is limitless and lends to much imagination and creativity. And while you spend a lot of time decorating your garden with these beautiful statues and water features, use appropriate lighting methods to enhance and extend the beauty and time you can spend in your coastal garden. Add lighting for practical and safety reasons to guide and protect you as you make your way towards relaxing in your lawn or patios, and enhance the beauty of your projected areas with mood lighting that pleasures the look of the inviting accents while keeping down the less inviting areas. 
Written by Romilla D. for Kaviik’s Accents
© 2008 Kaviik’s Accents Inc. All Rights Reserved

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